Defeating Israel

I have a plan for defeating Israel.

Israel’s primary weapon against Gentiles is a two-edged sword. One edge is the huge guilt trip over their Holocaust; the other edge is perverted Christian religion. I don’t have to answer those at this point; historical evidence is more than enough. If you need to know, it’s easy to find online and I’ve covered some of it here in previous posts.

The only historical factor in their favor: Israel claims to be God’s Chosen. They were, and had they embraced the message of Christ, they could still be His Chosen. But they were unable to discern the truth of Christ’s message because they no longer knew God; they had no strong moral instincts. They set that aside in favor of the ego-boosting head trip into Hellenism. And even before that, they took a diversion from their mission to reveal Jehovah to the world and decided it was all about privilege. Israel today offers a barely disguised contempt for Gentiles. In the minds of her leaders, we have sinned if we do not willingly offer everything we own and eagerly bow down as slaves. In their eyes, this could be the only justification we have for living on the same planet with them.

So long as we refuse to do so, the Zionists are determined to make us suffer for our alleged sins. They are doing the Devil’s work. They have many allies in Western countries with laws to prevent even addressing their lies in public. And I’ve already warned how it should be obvious that if we killed all the Jews, Satan would simply sucker a new nation into converting to Judaism and off we go again; he has already done that once. What is the genuine biblical answer to this nonsense?

Lay claim to the heritage they abandoned.

They have annulled the Covenant; they no longer have God’s protection. They are sponsored by Satan, and Satan operates by God’s permit. It’s not a question of divine favor. When you and I gaze out upon the political landscape of the world today, we have to assume that what is is permitted by God for His inscrutable reasons. Whatever keeps Israel in existence has nothing to do with any claim to God’s favor.

But you and I can certainly find God’s favor for ourselves. Why do you think He preserved a record of His dealings with them? We have the Old Testament so that we can study how it was supposed to work, see through the specifics to grasp the true nature of God’s favor. As part of that package, we can seize their ancient intellectual traditions, the ancient Hebrew mystical approach, and see how those specifics, in that context, can be brought to life again in us today.

All the blessings of the Law of Moses are ours today, but we don’t have to wade through the literal provisions of the Law. Christ is the fulfillment of that Law, and He was a Hebrew mystic. What He taught was the original meaning of those commandments. His analysis and interpretation is God’s own. His promises were actually more extravagant than those of the Law.

When the world sees us living in shalom against the egregious whining and outrageous demands of Israel, people will see who has God’s favor. Granted, you and I should know that we are almost starting from scratch with very little in the way of supporting traditions, so not many folks are going to see with moral clarity. That’s not our department. Ours is to claim the promises Israel has abandoned and live in the power of God that shines His glory through Satan’s lies.

That’s how you defeat Israel.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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