Exchanging One Lie for Another

I struggle with trying to expose this thing.

Western mythology has this thing about false heroism. That is, we have the myth of the Great Man as someone who does things that are risky and exciting in pursuit of some great cause. It’s always a battle against others who are lurking around in the darkness. Of course, our Hero is always very human, in the sense of having to struggle against the odds in some way or another.

The Devil loves that. It creates an image that eliminates most of us from serving Christ. As long as you and I are kept out of Kingdom Service by such perceptual barriers, he keeps us from our divine inheritance. We absorb the mythology and find ourselves in a world that only heroes can change, and those changes are limited to big important things. The mythology further defines what kind of change is worthy of all that effort, some kind of world-saving.

But it’s a false world; it’s not reality. Would-be heroes end up fighting to save a world that cannot exist in the first place.

We are in the midst of some radical changes in society. This is part of what’s behind my insistence that our current civilization is ending and another is being born in its place. We are facing that kind of momentous sea-change in our daily lives. There is a whole invisible world being put into place, something that ignores all the boundaries and definitions to which we are accustomed.

Some portion of dystopian fiction is true on this point: It’s a bunch of private corporations that first seduce governments by offering very desirable contract services. But then, eventually the corporations displace the governments by making them increasingly irrelevant, while building a system that sweeps in the whole world around them. But it’s a control that is asserted via the virtual world. Instead of our common physical and geographical points of contact, it’s based on humanity with virtual points of contact. And because the average person has no real perceptual frame of reference for this, the corporations are able to pull it off with little or no hindrance.

These people are shaping our whole frame of reference, pulling our minds into a simulated universe, a sort of Matrix kind of thing where the popular perception is disassociated from the concrete reality. People who believe they are disconnected from the networked virtual simulation are still swept into it by the sheer momentum of everyone who is connected. So the answer is not fleeing the Network, but of being aware of it. The single greatest threat to this dystopian world of corporate control is conscious awareness of it.

There are a rising number of people who are aware of this dark conspiracy. They understand it all too well. Many of them were people who got burned by the corporations. Somewhere early in the game, they were allowed to participate in the critical shaping of the technology, not just seeing but helping to make the technology work. But their dreams and visions of making the world a better place proved elusive, until that moment when they either had to embrace the dark intentions or get out. They got out, and now they are persecuted as the corporations use the government to shut down their protesting disclosures.

And these people who’ve been thrown under the bus are still trying to save some other dream, a world that never existed. Do you see how this is moving from one kind of big lie to another big lie? Most of the people resisting this creeping Matrix world are stuck in an older matrix. Satan’s grand achievement of Western Civilization has run its course, so he’s conjuring up something even worse to take its place. This Networked Civilization I write about isn’t a bright and shining Utopia; it’s even worse than what we leave behind.

But wouldn’t you know it? This rising new civilization has its own vulnerabilities, same as the old civilization. There are ways to exploit those weaknesses. The exploits are not in some failed vision of heroes, something that never existed except in the common social mythology. If the Devil can keep people tied to the false past, they are more vulnerable to the false future. The weapons of the dark Matrix future are carefully designed to prey on one kind of people — people who still believe the myths of yesterday.

We have to exit the whole thing. This is part of what I keep urging on you; not that you follow me into my escape, but that you take your own path out. It’s a matter of breaking the spell itself. The only way to save the world, if such a thing is at all possible, is to save yourself. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; that’s the whole point. Any attempt to create a unified vision is itself blindness. But our self-saving efforts should shine brightly with divine glory. We have to learn to share what God intended we share, not something cooked up in the minds of fallen souls who were kicked out of Eden. The only way folks can be saved from this is by God allowing them to see you returning to Eden.

I’d like to pursue this in the coming days. I’m no hero, but I’m struggling to find ways to point out the big lies for you. The ultimate threat to the Matrix is a simple matter of not being sucked into it. We aren’t going to break the Matrix; the whole point is just to unplug ourselves. Our mere existence is the single biggest threat to it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Exchanging One Lie for Another

  1. forrealone says:

    Unplugged I am. The greatest difficulty or challenge for me now is how to describe this insanity to those I care most about. But, they are ALL blind. I guess I will just have to be still and wait to see if Father has any plans for me and if He does, have the faith to believe He will let me know when and what to say if the opportunity presents itself from Him to me.


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