Natural Chaos

Reading the news, do you get the feeling nobody really knows what’s going on?

You’re right; they don’t know. God alone really understands and He’s not telling too many folks about His larger plans. However, in accordance with His divine promises, He is most certainly still telling His people what they need to do for His glory.

Consider that for a moment. God has never been silent. However, there are conditions attached to His revelation. We’re talking about the Creator here, folks. Don’t bother asking if you aren’t already committed to obeying Him. He’s always been downright eager to reveal Himself, but you have to remember that you aren’t in a position to put up filters. Instead, you are obliged to seek ways to remove those filters.

He further promised that if we would merely make a good faith effort, He would always make sure we got it. He has designed us to process revelation in ways that make us able to live in this world with shalom. He has always filled in the gaps for those who were clueless but committed, so that progress was always available until we are able to secure the fullness of His promises. In effect, desiring His wisdom is His wisdom.

Take a look at the Old Testament. When did the Covenant People find themselves in chaos? It was whenever they ceased to desire revelation. Even worse was whenever they presumed their version of wisdom was binding on God. That’s a sure recipe for living in chaos.

So here we are in a the US and just about everyone is utterly certain they have God figured out. It’s a lot like we read in the prophecy of Malachi: It’s all nailed down and run by rote. People are performing the rituals and can’t be bothered to hear when God says those rituals mean nothing. Do you not see how even the most charismatic worship services are following a script? It’s all down to a fine science, and if it’s not working, it’s your fault. Don’t you dare criticize the system.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s secular or religious, because it’s all the same system nailed down by exactly the same structural rules. There is this huge unspoken assumption that it has to organized by certain types of rules, so that the variations are quite shallow. That’s because nobody is listening; everybody is advising God what He’s supposed to do.

It’s not working. You can see it in the confused reporting of the news. Everything comes across like some kind of PsyOp (military term: “psychological operation”). It’s like some big lie painted on the surface and underneath is a yet another sting operation. And yet, the confusion and chaos is actually out there, but you can’t get an honest account from very many sources. I can tell you that, where I live, it seems a lot of folks come across as bewildered under the surface. The world is going nuts and the sense of composure is fraying on more than just the edges.

But God says He’ll tell your heart what really matters. Stay hungry for a better vision, a deeper revelation. Always assume you don’t quite have it, yet always be brave in going on what you have. You don’t have to know what’s going on, only that the chaos is the natural result of people not seeking to know God in their hearts. All you really have to know is what God requires of You; He’s got everything else in His hands.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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