Covenant Faithfulness during Turmoil

This is in response to an offline conversation, and involves how to profit from the coming turmoil of God’s wrath on America.

The economy itself is not going to crash in the sense of freeze up totally. Certain elements of our economy will break, but not everything. What’s going to break? Think about God’s Law. What does God favor in human economic behavior? It’s the same in all human behavior in general: decentralize. And while God favors that for His people, there are times when He is guiding historical trends toward inscrutable ends and we have to be patient. However, if you are walking in His truth, and you are obedient to His calling on your life, you can bet that He will favor your efforts to decentralize in the long run.

Centralizing is evil.

Read that again. Human efforts to centralize are inherently evil. This trend in American History is critical to provoking God’s wrath. This is why globalism and imperialism are wrong. But it applies to every kind of human endeavor, not just politics. It applies to economics; unnatural monopoly is evil, too (some economic activity is naturally monopolistic or it doesn’t work at all). Centralized government policies that favor big market players is evil. Centralized control of debt is evil. Centralized control of data is evil. And so forth, you get the idea.

The folks who lust for power through centralized control want to invoke your fear. That way you won’t hinder their evil plans. They will lie to you about how, if their little empire comes apart, you’re gonna die. They need your dependence; you need to restrict your dependence.

God is crushing that centralizing stuff. It may take awhile, but that’s happening. One of the most important elements in this process is centralized financing and debt control. At some time in the near future, an awful lot of debt will evaporate. A lot of big money investment will become utterly worthless paper. So an awful lot of big money players will be broke. And when these operations shut down, anything that depends on them will also shut down. That means huge national companies with franchises in every big town will close their doors.

It’s already happening: Sears, K-mart, Payless Shoes, etc. They are dying first because they didn’t move with the market. Walmart tried to move and is still alive for now, but they are highly exposed for the next wave of debt failure. Meanwhile, thousands of new cars go unsold and the price on used cars is about to come down. All of these represent centralized big players. Because of how all market debt is interlinked, everyone who operates on debt risks being shut down completely. That means any business with a centralized means of loaning money and taking payments on those loans is on the verge of collapsing. A whole lot of banks will fail, but so will consumer lending operations.

This is the worst time to take out a loan on anything. If you have any sense at all, you will liquidate your debts to the degree possible. It’s just too complicated to explain it in any more detail than that. This applies to both personal and business debt. The one best hope to stay in business is to be independent of debt. That’s not the same as making no use of debt, but it means keeping things organized in a way where you can stay in business if you are suddenly cut off. Cascading debt market failures will happen quickly.

For long term plans, prepare for a market closer to home and in need of a wider diversity of products and services. That means you need to keep it local and do more kinds of stuff when the big vendors shut down. They will. And be wary of stuff that rests on frivolous fashion trends. Stick with stuff people buy when they live close to the bone.

Furthermore, there are provisions in Biblical Law that favor some less obvious moves. For example, restrict ownership (investment) to covenant partners. Keep your primary business operations under the control of a covenant family. You can hire outsiders, but they are just employees, not family. At the same time, you try to treat them like family so that they are motivated to act like it. Be wary, but open and honest. Don’t become partners with (dependent on) someone who doesn’t share your covenant morals. Don’t let someone use assets for injustice as discerned by Biblical Law.

Make things more personal. Don’t make this some sort of advertising slogan; actually make friends with your customers and vendors. If possible, prefer covenant family for all your business, but at all costs avoid letting things slip into some impersonal cash nexus. If you don’t operate like a shepherd, God won’t favor your business.

It’s much the same for politics. Keep it in the family; nepotism rules because the only political system God favors is ANE feudalism. But this assumes you aren’t living as part of a cutthroat family that eats its own. We are talking about a covenant family here. Shared values and morals are essential. Don’t allow this to slip into a presumption of objectivity, though. Don’t propose an agenda that can become a political football in itself. Promote solid moral ideals and policies and remain consistent, but not hidebound when you have to work with outsiders. This is not about rules but protocols. Avoid joining or creating a party if all possible; keep loose ties when you do. Don’t hire partisans; build a staff that is loyal to you personally. Cultivate personal ties and keep your closets clean.

Don’t get the idea that God requires politics remain austere, even as you prepare for that possibility. If you heart isn’t in the shepherd mode, stay out of politics. But if you are faithful to Him with His flocks, He will prosper you personally. David was not a poor king, nor a perfect king, but he did seek God’s favor from the heart.

Regardless of your pursuit, when it involves other people, expect treachery. It’s not a barrier to keep in mind how you’ll react if your closest and dearest go over the edge. That works in marriage, too. Love is God’s way of things and it requires a certain vulnerability, but not moral blindness. Without the risk of loss, you can’t do anything that matters.

In all of this, remain faithful to God and He will prosper you. This is what the blessings of covenants are all about: that shalom promise of Biblical Law.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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