God’s Warning to Trump

The standard prophetic caveat: You need not take me seriously if this strikes you as objectionable. However, I regard this as a prophetic word from God and I cannot be silent.

In the end, we are all mere vessels. When our human purpose is accomplished, we will be shattered and return to clay. Some of us will during our lives hold treasures; others are chamber pots. A few will hold the fire or God’s wrath.

God’s wrath will fall on America because of sin. However, there are particular sinful problems that are worse than others, and these problems will be hit hardest. The people associated with those problems will get an extra heavy dose of wrath.

Trump is God’s vessel of fire and destruction. He does have some options: He can do it very well or he can do it poorly. Right now, he’s doing it poorly. His mission from God is a dirty business, much as Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh, but both of those men were much more faithful and focused. Whatever rewards God had for those ancient men, they received richly. Trump looks to lose his.

For whatever reason, Trump is not careful about his staff. He’s got some people very good at political warfare, but too many of them are not loyal to him or his agenda. Then again, it appears Trump is not too well focused on his mission in the first place. That mission will happen, but sometimes in spite of his bumbling. And instead of a clean and clear message that shatters his enemies, it will drag on and on with many questions that go unanswered.

This is going to raise the pain level on everyone. Whatever little bit of justice Trump might have given America, he lets is slip through his fingers. He was pushed into office by God on the power of frustration in the electorate. He will frustrate them further, and they will be forced to take matters into their own hands. This will make it far messier and more painful than is necessary. But it will come to that because Trump has not kept his hand to the plow.

If Trump had been more careful and pulled in a much tighter team, and pushed more forcefully the vengeance and dirty politics that are required, he would still be the hero who won by an electoral landslide. There may still be some time, but it seems unlikely because the window of opportunity has almost closed. This is why there will be right-wing backlash at the ground level. Trump will fail the right-wing masses. You should understand that God’s instrument of wrath depends on the raw anger of the right-wing, and this determines the flavor of that wrath.

So God is going to raise up smaller figures who will do this dirty work and make His wrath happen. The ones who do it best will be those who understand political OpSec (operational security), people who know how to work with a smaller team more personally loyal to them. So if someone has a mind to do something about it, this is the time to begin forming your team and committing resources.

The wise ones will recognize this for what it is and will stand close to the work of avenging angels. But this is the wrath of God and plenty of them will have dirty hands. The difference is not properly understood by American moral sensibilities, but it requires the moral truth revealed in the Ancient Hebrew culture as to what is right and wrong. Such is the culture God designed for His revelation. This is the culture we seek to understand, dear readers.

If you are going to watch this mess unfold, then the least you can do is see it through God’s eyes.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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