Recruiting for Conquest

For all intents and purposes, Trump is no longer Trump. The imperialist Borg have subsumed him into their machinations. The only difference now is the petty disagreements among the imperialists as to which coterie of buddies gets to plunder the nation. The only good thing is that his administration is unlikely to get in the way of those whom God moves to complete Trump’s unfinished tasks.

I’m quite serious about this business of God’s wrath on the globalists and their minions. He can do it by Himself, but He wants to bless people. There is a holy task here that can be done very righteously. Do you remember the condemnation that fell on certain tribes of Israel during the Conquest, because they were too damned lazy to kill or drive out the occupants of the land?

God had judged those wicked nations — this is the kind of people who were so despicable that other pagan nations found them repulsive. These are the people who sacrificed their children to Molech, and their own bodies to the most degrading acts. Instead of simply sending some natural plague and letting their wealth dissolve into nothing, He wanted to give it as plunder to Israel. But Israel was lazy about it, so the Lord allowed the Devil to work through these wicked survivors to plague Israel. In other words, God will get His glory, but He wants us involved if we’ll just get on the ball.

So the only question is whether you buy my story about the globalists as a modern day Cult of Molech. If you cannot by now see the parallels of how the globalists and the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are morally equivalent to the repulsive Canaanites and Amalekites, then I can’t help you understand God’s moral character at all. I don’t hate those folks; I could desperately wish for their repentance. But I hate what they are doing to God’s people. Their ascendancy would be an Apocalypse; they would assemble a vast army to attack God Himself if it were possible. They are striving to bury forever the rich heritage of God’s revelation and blessings on this earth.

It’s not a question of literally slaughtering them. That could be part of the answer, but it’s not the focus. Most of the people trapped in that cult aren’t true believers; it’s just the context in which they live. So it’s this context that we need to change. There’s a construct built up that breathes life into this cult, but it’s an awfully extravagant and wasteful cult. Just a little bit of loss in resources and much of it would collapse under its own weight. It takes a lot of blood sacrifice to keep it alive and this thing leaks it back out, leaking like a sieve. Block the blood sacrifice and it will stop working.

Some of that will be handled by God Himself with the collapse of the debt and finance system. It’s parallel to how God kept using weather and other natural conditions to aid Israel in their battles. The miracles are in place, waiting for us to get out and do our part. At a minimum, we need to start a shift toward economics that are more pleasing to God. That’s most of the “warfare” right there. And like the way ancient armies fought, with just a few real warriors and mass formation of conscripts, all it takes is just a few of us determined to stand for Biblical Law in our dealings to swing a great mass into the battle.

Can I sell it to you like this? If we create our parallel society, we will become the nobility of a moral reality most people can’t even see. Granted, you have to see the glory and power in being otherworldly, of being led by the Spirit through a completely different faculty above our intellects, and you have to embrace that inherent value system that makes moral truth a treasure. But simply being the first to get involved in this, we establish ourselves as the nobility who will already belong in this parallel society when others start joining it. In ancient Israel, the fastest way up the social and economic ladder was valor in battle. That’s the same thing here: Live the full measure of Biblical Law in the face of a lawless world and you’ll establish yourself as cream of the crop while you yet live on this earth.

Now for me personally — I’m not a general for the battle. I’m better equipped as an executive officer. I’d be glad to take up a role as someone’s loyal personal assistant. I’m pretty good at operational security and tactics, and even logistics, but this requires someone with a wider strategic vision for which I’m am not equipped. In more concrete terms, I’d love to work for someone with a vision for taking down the globalists and SJWs here in the US. I’m willing to get my hands dirty in some ways because that’s what happens when you are removing shit. And as I’ve already stated several times, I’m not held back by Western middle-class inhibitions. As far as I’m concerned, America ethics and morals are not moral, so I can feel all right and clean before the Lord doing things a lot of other folks call “dirty.”

So because Trump has gotten lost from God’s purpose, the Lord is seeking new vessels for His wrath. This is our chance to plunder Hell, taking back things that Satan doesn’t rightly hold. It’s ours if we accept the commission from God. We go after the globalists now; imperialists will be handled in a later campaign.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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