Off the Cuff 03

Oddly enough, this episode of “off the cuff” is in response to a question. Please refer back to Off the Cuff 01 and Off the Cuff 02 for context.

In the first episode, I sensed that some dirty bargain was made with imperialists, and in the second I pegged it to Israel. In the attack on Syria, we see that the nasty secret Trump kept from us is this planned radical jerk toward imperialism, but it’s almost entirely confined to serving Israel. I’m guessing that he was waiting for some false flag that looked strong enough to justify it. We may never know who else may have influenced that decision, and I’m inclined to think the current speculation about his son-in-law misses the point. My point is: Trump had planned to do this since at least the end of last year. And it looks like he was using it for other purposes, as well — namely, the put pressure on China about North Korea.

What does it mean to me? Foreign policy will continue as before under previous administrations. Any variance will be small. Despite all the rhetoric, the election was never a foreign policy debate. The difference remains in domestic policy. Trump is wholly unlikely to come for our guns or provoke religious persecution, as two examples of things Clinton would have done. However, he will also permit Zionists to harass those who don’t support Israel. This blog could still catch some heat, but it’s probably something I can bear.

On the other hand, something in all of this makes me a little anxious about the military. Not in the sense of worried, but I have a sense of dread. I’m not looking forward to the horrific slaughter we will engage, of course. But I’m also dreading how it will inevitably lead to our military losing at some point. I can’t present anything concrete because my dread doesn’t rest on reason, but something in my sense of conviction. Someone somewhere already has the means to break us, but they aren’t eager to pay what it will cost them. At some point our government will leave them no choice. What’s driving this US government belligerence is not at all reasonable, not smart, not based on a valid calculus of what it will take and what we might gain from it. There are too many lies involved all up and down the chain, and something’s going to break. When it does, America will pay an awful price herself.

Edit: I should have made the connection more obvious of how this helps Israel. Israel wants the US to attack Syria so she won’t have to take the risks and use the resources. Russia is likely to help Syria shoot down Israeli jets, but the US is a different matter. This leaves Israel free to focus resources on Lebanon.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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