Prophetic Economics 02

The impending failure of the credit system will hit without warning. That is, the folks who are in control of this are doing their best to protect their own assets. They won’t shed a tear for you and I. What complicates matters is that there is a good bit of competition among plutocrats; no one party controls the whole thing. But a significant portion of them are forced to work together on something like this or they all go down together. It’s possible a maverick will attempt to beat the system, but it strikes me as unlikely. The system has too many ways to track these things.

Instead, about the only way this can be deflected in any measure at all is if someone leaks it before the system moves to seize assets and close the trade window. I know that this sounds like a “bank holiday” when the banks close to prevent anyone taking out their money while the banks strip it all away and declare themselves insolvent. From where we sit, it will be about the same kind of thing, since what happens up there in the higher levels could well result in consumer banks — the ones most of us use — shutting down, as well. It will be a surprise and I doubt any human can estimate reliably the moment when the plutocrat bankers and financiers will feel like it’s time. It’s possible outside events could precipitate a major disruption in their system and force their hands.

There’s nothing any of us can do except embrace it when it comes instead of panicking. Countless “little people” will get hurt. If you can see it coming, you have time to prepare. For those of us focused on clinging to Biblical Law, things will be about as good as it gets. But there are some issues that won’t be obvious — not so much for us as for the world around us.

Has it ever occurred to you that a certain segment of the American market is largely unproductive in the first place? Granted, when people are in a good mood about their personal wealth, they are more willing to spend money on non-essentials, but make them nervous and they start squeezing that wallet. One of the most vulnerable markets is entertainment. That sweeps in a lot of territory in the US economy: movies, TV, music, sports, and tourism are commonly accepted categories. Something I’ll mention in passing is that most churches operate like entertainment with a charity function.

What kind of socio-political orientation dominates entertainment? Yep, it’s the left. The reasons are complex, and you shouldn’t try to dismiss it with simplistic slogans. But part of the reason is that those who use the left as their political base have been able to capture the entertainment industry to a great degree. Notice what I’m saying here: The folks who run the politically left organizations are not actually leftists most of the time. (It’s the same on the right.) But part of the reason they have pushed their way into the entertainment field is that they are generally outnumbered on the ground. By controlling the noise coming from TV, radio, newspapers, etc., they are able to steer political money their way.

Keep in mind that most people are conditioned to lean left on a collection of issues even when they have right-wing instincts. This is the effect of controlling the social debate via entertainment; there is no right-wing TV, for example (Fox is not what it seems). Certain answers are excluded so that the arguments are limited to a narrow range of center-left to moderate-socialist. And what is acceptable within that range drifts slowly as time goes on. This does have a distinct affect on the economy. It creates a powerful leftist drag on what folks perceive is socially acceptable in market choices and pricing. It’s pervasive and crops up all over the place.

In particular, it favors centralization, and justifies certain monopolies regardless of actual economic efficiency. That’s because a primary element in that leftward drag is to make centralized controls seem good, right and normal. It makes us desire and expect federal controls over whether something should be allowed on the market, and what constitutes acceptable quality. All a prospective monopolist needs is to purchase the political favor of certain “left” politicians and the public message will be tweaked so that consumers build up a preference for whatever the monopolist is selling. Whole industries exist today for that very reason. Should competitors arise, they’ll either have to raise the ante (buy their own access) or be driven out of the market by various means, including quite frankly violence in some cases.

When the central credit systems starts to stumble, this leftist control of public awareness will collapse. Their whole operation rests on centralized credit and market controls. Whole sections of the current consumer marketplace depends entirely on the availability of large credit operations. Centralizing is pervasive; it’s the norm. And when those big players collapse and close up their businesses, a great deal of money that supports the political left goes away at the same time. That thin veneer of leftist social drag will blow away, and people are going to start operating more like conservatives, never mind what they say. That’s because, here in the US at least, the vast majority of the people are instinctively right-wing. It doesn’t matter what they believe their political persuasion is; when money gets tight, everyone acts like a conservative. Suddenly, entertainment won’t be very important to very many people.

So what kind of political policy is actually behind the socio-political left on the streets? It’s globalism. At it’s core, this is the “we are all one human family” thing that justifies a one-world government. That’s directly contrary to Biblical Law. Never mind all the crazy End Times prophetic nonsense popular with the American Christian Right, globalism is flatly contrary to the reality. In particular, it is contrary to our wiring as humans. It always fails on its own because it never works. That’s the warning inherent in the story about the Tower of Babel; God has wired us to disperse and live in tribal differentiation.

Further, when an economy starts getting sick, globalism is the first thing to die. It’s a very expensive luxury. God is crushing the American political left, first by cutting off the funding for globalists. As the global credit system starts getting more shaky, the globalists are going to suffer first. Keep your eye on that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Prophetic Economics 02

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  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    “a great deal of money that supports the political left goes away at the same time.”

    What’s your prediction on the left-side folks that have so much wrapped up in their politics? When the spigot finally turns off, I imagine some get ultra-violent, some get plain old depressed, while the rest just adapt and move right.


  3. pastor says:

    Well, leftist politics in general are closely associated with feminism. It’s rather like the mothering instinct gone berserk, so I doubt they’ll ever just go away.

    I was thinking more about the dynamic of the globalist plutocrats who use the leftists as their ground troops, but aren’t themselves actually lefty. There are some genuine socialists among the upper ranks, and even some old-time liberty democrats, so it’s pretty complicated. The globalists will use whomever and whatever they can get their hands on because it’s all about their own power and wealth; that’s what dominates our American Democratic Party, but they also have a lot of game in NGOs and other activist push groups (BLM, NOW, etc.). The latter will simply collapse into violence as the money runs out. There simply isn’t that many true believers.

    Currently the D-party is having serious troubles because entrenched plutocrats won’t permit any reform. Until the old guard is gone, the Democrats will wallow in ugly power games and stay involved, making a mess of everything. They have an awful lot of judges in place across the country. You probably recall I said this lingering tiresome D-party power play is what could provoke a vigilante right-wing backlash.

    In other words, it’s hard to make broad characterizations. It’s quite possible we are on the verge of the sort of social revolution that kills old systems and brings new ones to life. That’s what I suspect is coming and there’s no way to predict at this point how that will play out.


  4. Iain says:

    Get out of debt ASAP and by whatever means necessary!
    Six years ago the company I worked for told us that the plant was closing and moving operations to Mexico within fourteen months. Ten months later, I was out of a job. We considered moving to where the jobs were but, decided to stay because, for us, family is more important than money. We tightened our belts and gradually eliminated debt. We’ve been through some trying times when we literally scratched for loose change in the furniture.
    Our Lord has NEVER failed to provide.
    Let all of us who consider Kiln of the Soul a home and Ed as our beloved elder pray unceasingly for one another as we face the coming wrath. We may never meet or even know each others names but, we are of one heart knit together by the spirit of our beautiful savior the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


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