My Own Radical View

Conversations I’ve had lead me to believe I need to sum up the current context here. This post is just my own personal opinion.

I reiterate that, prior to his inauguration, I believed Trump was planning to pull a bait-n-switch. A little later I sensed that it was primarily in favor of Zionism. That’s not to say we should expect him to be Netanyahu’s water-boy, but that Trump’s policy bottom line is Israel. Trump is now officially some flavor of neocon, an imperialist. He’s simply more brash than his predecessors.

Again, whatever the posturing about who the alleged enemy is anywhere at all, any action is just a means that traces back to pressing forward the neocon agenda of Zionism. It may be convoluted, but the link is always there.

But there’s more to this war-making stuff than meets the eye. We have this impending credit system collapse that would hinder endless war spending. I tend to believe it’s the international credit system that will come apart; domestic credit here in the US will experience a reset, which is not the same thing as a collapse.

The globalists are the ones who would defend our alleged moral duty to pay our international debts. Their leverage is fading fast and I suspect the US will stiff her creditors, to include a significant amount of domestic bonds, etc. The only question is the timing. At the same time, I expect the government to renege on most of her promises regarding future payments that amount to welfare, pensions, etc. That will give the government some running room to shovel a bunch of money back into war-making. I’m sure this includes a calculus that a war-time economy will be a growth economy, and the prospect of any job at all will buy a lot of loyalty. The crazy part is that such a plan could actually work.

The loss of welfare support will create unrest, of course, but a significant portion of the population is already in no mood to put up with much of that any more. It won’t be too hard to convince those folks to crack down on the agitators. The dynamic of tolerance has already shifted, so if the various law enforcement agencies get started with crushing dissent, they will have plenty of help.

The election and first few months after has shown beyond a doubt that there is a solid core of productive folks who are willing to tolerate a lot if you’ll just give them a chance to work and pay their bills. They aren’t eager to fight the government, and are now far less hesitant to fight folks who threaten what little they have. Think about the image of drivers on their way to work running over protesters trying to block the road. They aren’t simply a little defensive any more, but becoming aggressive. Add in a national crisis and they’ll play along with Trump’s game, even if the crisis is manufactured. It’s not a matter of principle, but survival.

Addenda: The globalists are bellicose, too, but their entire agenda is different. They aren’t trying to make America an imperial center, but to use American power to build a globalist one-world government aimed at secularizing and cleansing the world of what they view as moral evils. Their agenda is pretty much an Apocalypse of repression and anti-religious hatred. They’ll use Israel if it gets them leverage they want. So they hate Russia because Russia is more consistently principled, religious and nationalist than almost any other power on earth right now. The imperialists hate Russia for being so strong against the American empire, and for resisting the Zionist agenda.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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