Off the Cuff 04

This is not about Israel so much as about the US.

Let me reiterate that this is one of those prophetic fires that you aren’t required to believe, but that I am required to put up here on the blog. And as with the rest of the series, I don’t have any specifics; this is based on an overwhelming sense of foreboding. If anything, pay attention to the way I base this on a heart-led understanding of divine justice. For now I see two primary paths for the US.

1. If we continue muddling along as we have since early last year, there will be an apocalypse on some level. The left has gone all in on their rejection of how things have turned out. It’s not that they reject the system; they reject what the system has churned out despite their cheating. (This has nothing to do with how their opponents cheat.) They didn’t get their way and they are ready to destroy the whole thing to change it back their way. They are in panic mode because they are outnumbered on the ground. Unless the right responds with force and destroys the left, we will see an apocalypse.

2. If the right does get off their duffs and respond with force, we will have a crisis, but not an apocalypse. But any response will have to be strongly anchored at the street level; without a clear popular mandate, it won’t work. Still, folks in or near the Whitehouse will sooner or later have to crush this revolt with full force. I don’t mean a big, bold put down, but a sneaky and dirty, cutthroat campaign that shreds the back room game of the left. When they do this, it will still destroy the system.

America as know it is doomed; there is no going back. I don’t see how Trump’s first term in office can end without that major crisis. Even if the DNC suddenly decides to act sane and play by the same rules as the past, it’s too late. The demons have been set loose. The globalists have too much to lose at this point and delay will destroy their agenda.

Indeed, all the other competing agendas are also too far along to stop now. Quite a few other countries are at their own internal breaking points and civil war must happen. And I still predict #2 above is our fate in the US. So it’s my contention that we should keep our eyes open for signs of this to start. In places where the left is most free to operate is where things will be at their worst. Bloodshed and destruction is unavoidable.

Fear not; our God is in control. Each of you, dear Readers, has a mission in this mess — wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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