Bits and Pieces 22

Yesterday’s heavy workout was just dynamite. I’m still having trouble with the pulled calf muscle; last week I could only jog up the hill, but yesterday I could run slowly. After last night’s heavy storms, we have serious high winds today. I don’t care to ride much when the winds are mostly over 20MPH. So today I took a long walk. There were a few older kids in the park already escaped from school this near the end of the school year, and their shenanigans kept me from stopping to enjoy the silence.

The Rise of Evangelical Feminists: We can talk about fallen nature and biblical laws against women exercising authority over men, but the real problem is the non-Christian background of Western culture in Western churches. Jesus Christ was an ancient Hebrew man; His teaching did not spawn the West. The West arose as a clear departure from the ancient gospel truth.

If Western evangelical male leaders weren’t doing such an awful job of dealing with women in the first place, their women wouldn’t feel the need to do their own thing. And we really don’t need anyone exercising authority in the blogosphere; it’s not possible in the first place. I’m not concerned with alternative voices nor opposing voices; God can handle that without me. Women do need their own time and place and their own leaders, alongside their time with the covenant community. You can bet they had their networks in the ancient Hebrew society, but their men didn’t lead as Western men do.

Please notice that Zionists and imperialists in the US are not exactly the same; this is two groups with different agendas. The Zionists have the voting block, publicity and campaign money. The imperialists use their wealth differently. Also, the imperialists realize that the economy is breaking down and would rather get it working again. The Zionists don’t give a damn; they are hoping to provoke Armageddon. When we realize that the four largest political voting blocs (globalists, imperialists, nationalists and Zionists) are forced into two major political parties, it makes no sense at all.

Lately I’ve been experiencing inexplicable disruptions in surfing the Net. I like to read the news on a few controversial sites and something disrupts the service between me and them. In all cases, the problem disappears when I use a proxy. The quickest way to do that is use Opera with “Turbo” turned on; it runs your page requests through a proxy that can help to bypass traffic congestion, for example. Using it generally speeds up page load times.

I like to shop at thrift stores. The other day I found an old copy of Lotus Smartsuite 97. It runs fine under WINE on Linux, but it’s interface is just too primitive for me to enjoy using it. I’ll be glad to pass it on to anyone who wants it. I can recall using Lotus 1-2-3 on DOS and liked it rather well. I still would love to have a disk copy of Perfect Office from versions 9-12 (Word Perfect), so if you stumble across one let me know. I’ve been told the ones that used to come with Dell computers was the easiest to work with.

God is good!

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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