Our Vindication

In the Old Testament generally, and particularly in Psalms, you’ll see a Hebrew phrase typically translated as “my vindication.” You’ll also see references to avoiding shame or embarrassment. This is all tied into one basic idea: We are justified in trusting God. It’s not the idea of “I’m right and they are wrong” as it might commonly appear in Western social contexts, as if it could mean anything ranging from great legal questions to petty personal disputes. It specifically refers to having embraced revelation and God’s individual calling.

And it typically includes a faith that challenges “common sense.” Frequent references throughout the Bible mention the idea that the Covenant demands things that don’t sit well with human reason. It was that way in both the old and new covenants. We can get most people to nod about commonly understand promises in Scripture, but when we start talking about unique individual leading by the Spirit, we see a lot of head shaking. This comes from people who aren’t used to letting convictions rule from the heart.

To be honest, I often try to keep to myself about political stuff. I’m pretty sure my regular readers are aware that I have no partisan sympathies. And while I’m not eager to watch people suffer, I am looking forward to seeing the hand of God pour out wrath on sin. I’m quite willing to let that wrath rip through my own life, if that’s what it takes to obey Him. Still, I have His promise that it won’t be what most people are expecting. I read all the very sensible and worldly wise warnings about economic disaster coming at us and I realize that the best laid plans of mice and men do not pay much attention to God. Even sillier to me is the hyperventilation of the preppers. But most of them are frankly hoping to sell something, while I’m honestly trying to keep my mouth shut.

I can’t do it. It’s not just everything that crosses my mind, but a lot of things that weigh heavily on my heart. Even if there is no vindication for me, I cannot escape the powerful conviction that I have to write what I see. At a minimum, I’m hoping you’ll recognize something in the message that your soul recognizes as pertinent for you.

I don’t get upset if something doesn’t go as I expected. All it shows is that I don’t fully grasp in my mind what my heart knows. God can accomplish His will in ways we cannot imagine. I felt vindicated when Trump was elected with more than 300 electoral votes; this is what I prophesied would happen. It wasn’t my hope; it was my expectation. I’m a little surprised at how poorly things have turned out for him (and by him) but he’s just a small piece in the bigger puzzle. I’m still waiting to see the conflict at the street level open up. I hear rumblings from below the ground, but so far nothing visible. It seems to me the folks on the bottom were put off for awhile, but not permanently. Meanwhile, I really don’t expect much from Trump.

I think it’s hard to quantify just how close we came to the breaking point during the Cliven Bundy standoff in Nevada. People on the ground there very nearly pulled the trigger. They may yet do so if the trial goes against Bundy too severely. The Bureau of Land Management (the original BLM) is vengeful, but so are the underground patriots. You won’t hear much about this until the powers that be can make it fit their narrative. In this one thing, Trump can put out the fire by restraining the BLM. I have no idea what to expect at this point.

I’m still fascinated by how God does these things. It’s all about His glory. Our vindication is in trusting Him to stand behind His Word. We are surrounded by folks who don’t read that Word the way we do, so this is our time to speak what we believe and stand watching as God acts.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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