It’s Upon Us

This is not prophecy, per se, but my viewpoint. Let’s review what we can surmise so far.

The electorate fought back against all the plutocrat efforts and elected Trump, largely because he pandered to the pent up anger. This was a powerful revolt and the establishment plutocrats are livid. Not all of them, of course, but most of them. There is a certain portion of establishment folks who don’t care either way, and a few who are amused or even pleased with Trump’s election. The Zionists and imperialists moved in quickly to take advantage of the situation and Trump turned his back on all of those pandering promises. You see, as a pandering pimp, Trump’s promised satisfactions were all ghosts. So now he’s lost his best protection from the implacable globalists who were poised for their final take-over.

The establishment is doing everything possible to get rid of Trump, even at the cost of breaking the system. It’s a full counter-revolt against the electorate. The Democrats aren’t actually trying to impeach him; that has already died. They are still making noise about it because they are trying to build justification for something much nastier. There are concrete plans already revealed for a long hot summer of riots. For example, there is a multi-city riot planned for July 2nd. Opportunistic riots can be organized on short notice for lesser targets, as well. Many major figures in and near government have already called for violence against the people and institutions that aren’t sufficiently hostile to Trump.

Stop and think about this: These people are calling for a civil war. This will be the biggest “color revolution” yet seen, if they get their way. Look for snipers on tall structures, hired by the same CIA that did it in other countries. They are deadly serious. I’ve already said that those who support Trump, or simply don’t want to see the globalists/left win, should be ready to counter that planned mayhem and murder with their own violent resistance. And way back before that, I predicted they would do so even without my prompting. It is my sense that the intended victims of the summer mayhem are not just armed, but already have their own very secretive plans in place. I cannot offer links to any of this because it’s not that overtly stated, but anyone who has studied the way the underground right works would recognize the signs.

Part of the plutocrat game here is a planned economic disaster, a depression that the Fed will provoke intentionally by changes in monetary policy. I gather from background chatter that several state governments are planning on ways to counter this, maybe most of them. Again, it’s difficult to source this — it includes things like sifting through reader comments on other sites. You have to pay attention to the drift of their comments, not what they actually say. I could be wrong, but it has turned out to be rather accurate up to now. It’s part of why I knew Trump would win the election. It’s part of why I knew he would turn against his promises. The moral convictions of my heart made more sense of it than my brain did. At any rate, the plutocrat plans won’t pan out as well as they expect, but it will be rough.

The point of all this is to precipitate a crisis. That much will succeed. However, there are competing plans for leveraging this crisis, and that won’t work out so well. God plans to fragment their unity. To be more precise, their inherent disunity and petty personal lusts will surface right at the moment of supposed triumph. They will betray each other.

On the one hand, I’d suggest you prepare yourself for some level of violence. Not everywhere at once, but it’s the kind of thing where you shouldn’t be surprised when it shows up. Pray and discern in your own heart how God wants you to handle that. Trust Him, because He never fails.

On the other hand, I honestly expect the worst warfare to take place in virtual space. Something in that last big ransomware event (“WannaCry” and others that didn’t make the news) smacks of a test run for bigger things. This is puzzling, because it looks like amateurs who rushed out an attack using the leaked NSA tricks. Yet, nobody has claimed the accumulating Bitcoin loot from the extortion so far — now roughly $100,000 worth. By the way, the vast majority of systems that got hit by WannaCry were Win7 systems on which automatic updates had been disabled. That’s understandable, given that updates from Microsoft act like malware.

Linux is not a panacea, but it is better. It’s not impervious, but it’s attack surface is smaller, and the defenses are built into it. The clean up from a successful attack is generally easier with Linux than with Windows. I could completely reinstall, with updates and all my preferred added software, in under an hour. Keeping a backup of my important stuff is easy, and everything copies back into place in minutes. For more complicated scenarios, Linux has good backup packages that users seem to love. However, I won’t lie to you: It does take some effort to change decades of habits from Windows Land to Linux Land. Some stuff transfers easily, but other things require more time and resources to get used to a different approach. Still, the malware that runs on Windows won’t work on Linux.

You can be sure that the world will never completely abandon Windows as long as Microsoft stays in business, so it remains the low-hanging fruit criminals will attack first. They tend to avoid Linux, and sometimes in comical ways. I once chased a link that was supposed to install malware on Windows boxes, but my Linux box was routed to a cheap proxy site that snoops on its users. That was the best they could do? They can’t attack a Linux box, but they hope you’ll let them snoop on your surfing.

I’m expecting the NSA to make common cause with the plutocrats; the CIA is already run by globalists. These two are likely to participate in some kind of Internet crisis that will actually do more damage than rioting. Those of us running Linux will not be a target for this; it’s too much trouble for too little gain. It won’t be a shut-down of the Net, but a lot of services will be attacked. I expect a lot of routers to be hijacked; I’ve made my home router a hard target, too, with DD-WRT. Cellphones are a different game; most of them are already compromised in one way or another simply because they are linked to providers who tend to act almost like criminal agencies, plus they cooperate with government snooping. A snooping back-door for one is a door for everyone with the requisite technology skills. At any rate, I’m honestly expecting the globalist counter-revolt in the coming days to bring with it computer attacks against those who tend to resist the will of the plutocrats, along with creating a general panic.

But it’s not going to be an apocalypse. The question is not so much resisting globalist efforts to hijack the government of the US; that will fail on its own. What we are looking at is the failure of the government system itself. The previous equilibrium will break down; the economy will have to change, with old channels closing and new channels opening up. The transition will be generally painful, but worse for those who have too much invested in the current system. This is why I kept calling for folks to get out debt; it’s almost too late for that now. Cut your dependencies to a minimum, because big financial operations are fragile. A lot of banks and big lenders will collapse and the process of new owners of commercial properties taking possession will be chaotic. Still, the hopes of the oppressors will mostly fail.

Stay nimble with material property and your fleshly existence; keep your eyes on God.

Addenda: In response to a question — keep in mind that some globalists have already been murderous. In the past year a dozen or so holistic-minded medical experts have been murdered, particularly those in a position to publicize what a freaking big lie the FDA is. One of those provided hard evidence that SIDS is caused by the explosion in mandatory vaccines. The list of what’s demanded by law grows at the same time as the toxicity of the vaccines. They aren’t trying to poison our children; they just don’t give a damn. It’s all about the profits of forcing this stuff down our throats.

Similar scenarios come from the field of agriculture and GMOs. Those who publish proof of the danger are silenced and some murdered. Resisting forced GMO crops can get you harassed; farmers have been driven into bankruptcy for simply choosing to grow non-GMO crops. Some have been murdered for making noise about it or daring to sue. Monsanto has brought down governments that resisted their sales pitch.

We should expect to see bombings this summer along with literal assassinations.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to It’s Upon Us

  1. Dave W says:

    Ed… Thanks for being a watchman on the wall and sharing your “heart” with us. This post finds me weary with trying to keep up with Microsoft and Windows and ready to convert to Linux and to purchase a new router that will afford some significant firewall protection.

    I have spent the weekend researching wireless routers and find that most have very little firewall security and that most of the major manufacturers firmware is very buggy. I am somewhat computer literate but would not consider myself network savvy at all. What are your thoughts on wireless routers? I have narrowed down my search to TrendNet AC2600 or Peplink Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3. Are you familiar with either of those or do you have another recommendation?

    What are your thoughts on using a VPN. Should the client reside on the laptop or on the router so that all devices are using the VPN. How would you go about evaluating which VPN entity to use?

    THANKS in advance! – Dave W


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Dave. My impression of the TrendNet is that it’s bog standard, in the sense that several other brands offer models that are almost identical. It gets good reviews from the usual sites. The Peplink stands out as rather odd, because it is reviewed by an entirely different set of sites, not the mainstream ones. On the few places where these two overlap (Amazon, for example), the Peplink gets far better reviews, and the reviews are written by a different kind of crowd than the usual techies, which is actually a good thing. It appears to be a business-class brand instead of simple consumer brand. It’s more expensive, but I’d be inclined to try the Peplink first. The built-in firewalls on routers is hard to assess without some very specific and intensive testing. I’ve not had one that failed, but I’ve seen it with clients, generally with cheaper routers. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t mess with DD-WRT on routers, because it’s a lot of study to make use of it — but it’s about as good as it gets. It’s Linux for routers. The defaults are pretty smart, but that might not work for you.

    VPN is primarily a way of maintaining remote contact with your business/organization as if you were on-site. It can be tricky to keep it alive if your local ISP isn’t so stellar. It can also be used as a limited proxy, but that’s not why VPN exists. The problem is that if you don’t already have a VPN service with your business/organization, good ones can be expensive. For security from snooping, a plain proxy service is better. Then again, many services out there don’t draw a clear distinction, because from the user’s perspective, there may be little noticeable difference. There are free proxies and they can be decent, but something like 1-in-5 is shady. Free proxies are best for short-termed use, such as when you have network trouble via your ISP. I’ve mentioned that in other posts.

    Sometimes I’ll use Startpage to search for something and click the link in search results that offers their internal proxy service. I’m fond of Hide Me for singular uses; that it works nicely augurs well for using their paid services. This is a basic guide that mentions the famous “Hide My Ass” service. So far I’ve not felt like using such services long-term. A bigger issue for me is DNS; my ISP has failed me too often so I use Google for now (IP address: I’ve used OpenDNS some, but they block more than I like. I’d rather decide for myself whether to take a risk and visit some places; it’s what we researchers do.

    And if you use a VPN or proxy, if your laptop is the only device connected to the router, it won’t matter whether the laptop or router is the client. If you take your laptop on the road, you can always turn it off when appropriate, but it may be cumbersome. Running it from the router is simpler, and it protects other devices that may connect via the router.


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