Nothing to Hide

Based on the questions people do ask, it seems to me there are a lot of questions implied that people don’t ask, so I’m going to offer some clarifications on things discussed on this blog. My point here is to clarify my personal position, so it’s a get-to-know-me kind of thing.

Serving in this virtual atmosphere is not for everyone. What I do in meat-space overlaps, but it’s not the same. Online my role is apostolic, but I have no interest in using that as a title. Using a title like that implies an intent to organize in a way I refuse to go. I chose the words carefully: This is not a church, but an online parish. The emphasis is on community, not organization. My appeal is mostly to those who have been marginalized by mainstream religion. I’m offering a path that will allow you to bring to life your unique calling in Christ. I’m not your leader, just a senior adviser on ways to retrain your mind for something only God can give you. This atmosphere prevents genuine leadership, though you certainly have the option of using this forum as your church. Thus, I’m not avoiding the burden of moral shepherding, but making sure you don’t feel obliged to exclude meat-space associations that work for you.

My pastoral service is here if you need it, but it’s not the point. The point is to build you up in your own calling. I do so through the medium of the Internet. It naturally requires helping you to see what I see as the nature of the Internet. Instead of carping about the obvious problems caused by the ubiquitous presence of networking in daily life, I look at ways to exploit the freedom it offers, particularly in the exchange of ideas. Without the Internet, we would not know each other and would not be able share our faith, given that our approach here is so highly marginalized. I am naturally somewhat sympathetic with a wide open sharing of everything and anything, simply because, with the nature of the Internet and how it works, any filtering at all will surely silence my message, too. Any censorship at all means the mainstream shuts down all challenging voices, and I am one of those voices.

On the one hand, I am notorious for denying the big lie that Judaism is the continuation of the Covenant of Moses. I deny that Modern Israel has inherited the ancient mandate from God. In my teaching, the Covenant of Moses was closed at the Cross — it’s finished. On the other hand, the Church was no replacement for Moses in terms of its earthly presence. We as Christians are carrying out the moral mission of revealing God because Israel finally rejected that mission, but there is nothing in Scripture to justify taking the place of Israel as a political entity. The Covenant of Moses was the one and only effort in that realm and it’s gone. Only the moral importance of the Old Covenant remains. We represent the Kingdom of Heaven, not some political agenda.

And I sure has Hell will not support Western Civilization, particularly in the bogus claim that it represents some earthly manifestation of God’s will. It did not arise from the gospel message; it arose as a clear departure from the teaching of Christ. Jesus was an eastern man teaching an eastern religion and the Bible is an eastern document. The West arose when the Church, having long moved away from the eastern approach to faith, compromised further it’s core teaching to accommodate the Germanic hordes invading Europe. The Church perverted what was left of biblical teaching so that it was acceptable to the German cultic outlook, crafting a religious form that didn’t challenge the uncivilized pagan view of reality.

So I do not espouse any part of the White Identity philosophy. There can be no honest promotion of the Kingdom of Heaven in any political solutions. This white culture stuff is nothing more than a return to the Germanic tribal cultic background. On the other hand, some of the best and most accurate criticism of Judaism and Zionism is found in various circles of scholarship that are associated with White Identity philosophy. Nothing can force me into a binary decision; both are wrong. What we have is a point in human history when Zionism has risen to dominance in the public sphere and the White Identity folks are fighting back as a marginalized group. Right now, almost nobody else is fighting the Beast of Zionism so effectively. The apparent anti-Zionist efforts of the American left are a total ruse; the left is very much controlled by closet Zionists. And a large number of folks claiming white identity are also controlled by the Zionists, so we have to be careful. What’s left is carefully sifting what the White Identity folks have dug up, as you would with any other stuff.

Being labeled an antisemite simply does not bother me. It’s simply a propaganda term meant to shut off discussion. Both left and right use it at the behest of Zionist influences.

I also take the position that most leftist theory — communism, socialism, etc. — was crafted by Zionism. The Soviet Union was not a Russian thing; it was an invasion by Zionism taking over Russia. The Soviet period reflects the Zionist way of doing things; the Soviet leadership was Jewish. Current Russia reflects attempts to seize back that power from Zionist hands, so you can easily understand why there is so much mainstream American media hostility to Russia. The mainstream left is closet Zionist, while the right is often blatantly Zionist. And yet the right is also accused of being Nazi/fascist, so the whole thing is crazy and confused.

Trump is just one of the cattle God is herding. He is not “God’s anointed.” The question of whether he remains in office is just a side show. God used Trump’s election to expose the globalist left and their plan. Specifically, it was their plan to execute the last measures of taking over the system totally. Trump is blocking that plan. The fallout from all of this political warfare will include breaking their power, in part by destroying the system they would have used. But that means destroying whatever it is America once was. It will be painful, but it won’t be the end of America as an entity; it will be the end of US government as know it. God isn’t offering much revelation of what is on the other side of that end, so I’m left guessing.

It could well be that the ostensible form remains to a great degree, but something fundamental will change forever. People who have a heart to see will recognize this. Meanwhile, there are other major changes in the rest of the world, and it will all come in a relatively short time. I am convinced we will be surprised at what remains and what is gone.

In broad general terms, Zionism rules the full sweep of Western governments. Their means of control do not work on the Internet. The presence of the Net has introduced a new kind of awareness in human consciousness. It is crowding out some old things, but brings a whole new outlook and it is an environment in which the West cannot survive. Zionism is rooted in Western thinking, so it’s at risk of dying with the West. Without the power to control the heavy bludgeon that is Western material production and bellicosity against the rest of the world, there is a genuine risk that Israel will cease to exist, as well.

If you want to see the future of evangelism, you’ll have to understand something of how the West is dying and how the Networked Civilization is replacing it. Instead of carping about how the network has ruined society, try to understand what it is that pulls people into the network. What is it about human nature that draws them into the web? Why is it normal that people in social setting talk with each other less and cluster together, each on their own device? Understand that and you will know how to take the gospel to the world.

Feel free to ask questions; I have nothing to hide.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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