Cycling: Catching Up

The river isn’t so dramatic when it has a good flow. This looking north from the bridge at NE 122nd up near Jones.

Over the past week or so I haven’t ridden a lot. Excessive wind or just plain bad weather means less riding, but I’m still keeping up on the exercise. I’m determined to keep my commitment to obey from several years ago when the Lord commanded me to get fit and stay fit. But for a few weeks, after starting back on the beta-blocker, it zapped my energy level and I didn’t really feel like long hard rides. And with the hot season coming on, it may be just a tad risky on this medication.

Still, when it’s not too bad, I’ll get out see the countryside. And you have to know I’m always in need of some place to stop in the shade and pray awhile. Sometimes I’m seized by a view that didn’t look so inviting in some other season. Right now, the greenery is intense from frequent spring rains.

But especially in the heat, I’ll look for a shaded spot to stop and savor the atmosphere. At this field gate I found tons of ribwort and the faint hint of horse manure, just enough to be pleasant for an old man who spent part of his life in rural areas.

And lately I’ve not had any serious needs to pray over, just a need to spend time seeking God’s face. As you noticed, I’ve not had a lot to write about, either. It’s getting a bit repetitive for some of you, I’m sure. For me, it’s a time of now waiting for things on the ground to happen that were covered in prophecy and prayer in past months. I think this is the calm before the storm.

Today I circled Draper Lake and grabbed a few blackberries. The crop is weak this year, but it’s present if you look closely. However, it seems like the sand plums are going to do very well. I spotted lots of green and yellow globes hanging in moderate quantity on the bushes. They’ll turn red in the next week or two.

May we be half so fruitful unto the Lord as that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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