Another Prophetic Rant

I’ve been asked by several people to refresh some of my positions on certain issues.

America as a cultural entity is utterly Anglo-Saxon. Never mind the civilized veneer; it’s a false front. Anglo-Saxons are arrogant, spiteful and brutal. They assume themselves the angels of God on this earth and will not discuss the relative merits of their a priori assumptions of superiority. When America deals with other nations, whatever it is that we think we want from them is God’s own will, and they had damned well better go along with it. Otherwise we will shred their people and their stuff and take what we want. That is America’s foreign policy.

But these days we seldom have the balls to be honest about that, unlike our raiding and pillaging ancestors. We hold up a massive false front that our way of doing things is the definition of “civilization.” Everyone who does things differently is “barbaric.” And anyone who stands up for their own culture with the same arrogance is “evil.” Today’s favorite term for evil is “terrorist.”

Terrorists are everywhere. Some are allies, so we call them something else, but only because it pays. From anything resembling an objective viewpoint, the difference between an enemy terrorist and an allied terrorist is nil.

For example, we have the Zionist State of Israel. They aren’t just as bad, but far worse. They are slimy in their arrogance. They know better than to take on a foe who could theoretically resist, so they use even more layers of deception and propaganda. They make war by deception. But their underlying assumption is that the whole world by rights ought to be their slaves, and they imagine that all human wealth on this planet was stolen from them. This insane mythology is derived in part from a very perverted reading of the Old Testament. They imagine that they are God’s Chosen

We also have some allies who are Islamic. Never mind what The Prophet wrote, it’s what they do today that makes them despicable. We have allied ourselves to the worst of the worst and keep them propped up against all enemies simply because they are willing to pretend we are their friends. At the very moment the balance changes, both Israel and all the Muslims will turn on us. When we need their help, you can bet they will shit on us if there’s even the slightest chance they’ll get away with it.

Go ahead and look up the Barbary Pirates, and discover where the US Marines came from. Think about what I wrote in The Cult [PDF]. The problem here is not Judaism as a religion, though it’s bad enough. Nor is the problem of Islam as a religion. The problem is Zionism and political Islam. And their problem is not Anglo-Saxon mythology, but American politics. And our problem in the midst of all this is the Anglo-Saxon stupidity in believing that we are running the show. We are merely useful idiots for a very much more ancient, wise and crafty cultural background shared between Jews and Muslims.

This is the nature of human political activity in a world that rejects God’s Law. Never mind how they continue to reject His Son and eternal redemption; the world rejects what God offers every human before they die and go to Hell. There is a better way of life possible under God’s Law, but no one wants to submit. So instead, we have arrogant cultures like political Islam, Zionism and Americanism.

Let me warn you about something: The US is about to come apart. God’s wrath is upon this country. It’s also being poured out on Israel and some Islamic countries, but those are not my prophetic concern. My mission is to America. Most Americans are perhaps willing to learn and do better, leaving behind the worst aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture. Unfortunately, we have allowed a bunch of crazies to worm their way into controlling positions in our political system, and to a large degree, in our social control systems. We are under the domination of both globalists and imperialists who represent the worst of Anglo-Saxon arrogance and brutality. If Americans are to have any hope for a future, it will require destroying those who keep the brutality alive.

It’s sad, but the only way to stop the bloodshed is to shed the blood of those who keep us involved in wars, who keep us tied to the schemes of Islamic and Zionist politics. Our ruling elite won’t risk their own blood, but gladly send us all into senseless battles for their profit. They’ve been slaughtering us for two centuries. Americans will have to turn on them and literally slaughter them. That’s the only way to do it.

And we can pretty well guess that it won’t happen until nothing else is possible. You see, the majority aren’t that bloodthirsty, so they are reluctant, and it’s a good sign of their moral base. Indeed, it would be impossible to provoke them to such level of bloodshed without a horrific crisis coming down on their heads. They aren’t going to be prodded into it by anything less, so don’t even try it. There’s nothing anyone can do to provoke a civil war on terms that favor the people; it has to forced on them from above. When nothing else is possible, that’s when there will be a civil war.

There’s nothing wrong with trading among Islamic nations or with Israel. There’s something very wrong with letting them steer us like donkeys, and that’s what they are doing now. There’s also nothing wrong with slaughtering either of their people when they try to push us around like that. But we first need to clean up our own house, and that means waiting until the evil of the globalists and imperialists has run its course. That means waiting until their manipulations reach an unbearable level of pain, and we aren’t there yet.

But we are getting a lot closer.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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