How to Tribulate

The image of faith I’ve been trying to paint for you should conflict powerfully with the mainstream of social mythology. Within that mainstream mythology are a collection of false options, in part as a means to funnel normal human passions into predictable channels. There are plutocrats actively working to make it like this. On the surface it appears as conflicting visions, but underneath you can see that it’s all one thing. I’ve tried to help you see that, for example, feminism versus the new men’s movement is simply the same old conflict from ancient Anglo-Saxon culture, characterized by the confused modern day cults of Oester and Odin. It’s bad scholarship about the actual mythical figures and bad social politics, too, but it remains rooted in the tension that always existed in many ancient cultures. It’s not two different worldviews, but a yin-yang thing from within a single worldview.

Instead, I’ve been offering a biblical counter to all of this. It’s not as if we aren’t individually affected by the observable natural cycles of human social behavior, but that we aren’t slaves to it because we see it for what it is. A critical part of this has been teaching you to see how the biblical outlook maintains an awareness of on a different level. We don’t pretend we can disengage the world around us, but we engage from a different level.

At various times, and in various ways, it is wholly proper to get right into the thick of things alongside everyone else who doesn’t see what we see. At other times we pull away, and in yet other contexts we oppose it quite directly. It all depends on who you are in God’s plans; it’s a question of role, of calling and character. Where are you supposed to stand for His glory? The main point is that we are involved without being entangled. Don’t get lost on this lower level of human operations.

Among the options you see offered by our world, there can be none that genuinely claim to be Christian or biblical. I’ve made much of the Law Covenants to clarify this point: God’s politics are tribal. And while that is utterly preposterous in the eyes of our world today, we struggle against a massive flood of deception just trying to nudge folks a little closer to God’s standard by suggesting nationalism as a good alternative. Not a single major political force active today is nationalist in character. That is, while the grassroots may be nationalist, none of the leadership represents their views. They are all globalist or imperialist in nature, though at times the imperialists claim a thin veneer of nationalism. Yet the image of nationalism is painted with all kinds of false hatred, so that it seems to justify unreasoning hatred from those who espouse the other two agendas.

The Cult [PDF] doesn’t care whether you prefer to be a sucker for either globalist or imperialist lies, but they are threatened by nationalism.

Here in the US, the false division between Democrat and Republican is the single biggest lie we face every day. To folks conditioned to think by that lie, we are deeply confused. My affinity for Creation as a personal friend makes me look Green to anyone who hates Democrats and Progressives. That, despite my utter dismissal of Green theology. And I’ve very much in favor of caring about the unfortunate and want to use resources to reduce human suffering. But I’m hardly in favor of the nasty materialistic social welfare agenda. I offer warnings about how the economy simply will not support the wish list of the left. So among the leftists I’m branded as a fascist because I’m not willing to force people to follow the Social Justice religion.

And it’s even worse within the sphere of organized religion, but we’ve talked about that enough elsewhere. By the way, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Antichrist figure on the scene at the UN, named Danny Danon. You can look him up, but he’s basically trying to take over the UN with the help of people like Nikki Haley. The religion of Zionism has hijacked a lot of things.

All of this points back to my primary mission here as virtual elder of our virtual parish: I’m warning you to be aware of Satan’s sneaking around behind the scenes. His power among us is deception, not any actual means of hurting us. Those who listen to his lies will be trapped in conflict with God’s Word; a major element of his deception is social and political propaganda. Our victory is learning to hear the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Toward that end, I strive to untangle current events so that you can recognize the threads from which it’s woven.

Don’t be afraid, but don’t be blind. Know what divine justice looks like in your hands and make it happen. Creation will support your choices and you’ll see the miracles of God sparing you from the plagues sweeping across the land. Learn what you can afford to sacrifice for His glory and what you must fight to protect as His domain delivered to your hands.


As a note in passing, I’ll remind you that I am still held by the conviction that I have yet one more mission adventure in front of me. For now, I envision serving as an assistant to someone with political influence, rather like Daniel served under both Babylon and Persia. I’m actively preparing for this in accordance with the sparse outline that I see. So far, it seems that my Linux skills will play a major role. But it all means changes are inevitable as time progresses.

Sometimes it’s little things. I’m less interested in long bike rides and more inclined to walking, which takes a lot less time to get the same effects. I still have a strong desire to get out and explore, to take pictures and share them, but I’ll need a motor vehicle for that. So it becomes a prayer request — nothing specific, just something between a motorbike and a truck. The bicycle will become simply transportation in the mean time. I’m no longer that interested in messing with videos, but I’m not going to close my YouTube channel yet. I’ll log in often enough to keep it active, but it’s on the back burner as other things loom larger for me. Maybe I’ll do some vlogging later. I get the feeling I’ll be working more often under a time crunch in the future.

But there are bigger things. I am utterly certain my work in this blog will change, but I’m not yet sure what it will look like for you as readers. Rather, I’m called upon to contemplate the meaning of my relationship with the Internet itself and its place in my Kingdom service. It’s a called burden of care to watch the bigger trends in technology, particularly in the influence of human behavior on it, and it on human behavior. I have to carefully consider how I will engage the Net with the proper balance of using it as a tool without compromising the mission. There are changes coming upon all of us, and I have to make sure I’m in the right place when the Lord calls for action.

Pray with me about these things. This is also a good time for you to share with me your prayer requests.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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