No Fear, Know the Truth

Preface: To the degree that you, dear Reader, walk with me in faith communion and heart conviction, you’ll have to understand where I’m coming from on things. Some of you are still struggling with this, so let’s review.

God is separate from His Creation. His divine moral character is woven into the fabric of Creation, but it has His DNA, as it were. Don’t get lost pantheism. On top of that, Creation is not fallen; mankind is fallen. Even if we were born into a culture and tradition that recognizes the heart-led way, we would still struggle with keeping our intellects under the heart’s authority. But we are born into a culture that is hostile to the heart-led way, so it’s doubly hard to get used to it.

Creation as a whole has its own sentience and will. Every part of Creation, down to the smallest particle of matter, has a similar sentience and will. Creation doesn’t struggle against itself because it’s not fallen, but it is under the Fall in the sense that we humans — designed to be God’s managers of Creation — are fallen. Creation is not able to act as it should in all cases until you and I assert our divine privileges through the heart-led way. Sometimes our mere physical presence can change things. Creation awaits our guidance and our calm authority, not so much as servants, but as partners. We have to invest the time and resources to get to know every part of Creation we are likely to deal with in our mission calling.

It’s not magic, though it surely seems like it to folks whose minds are closed to this truth. The biggest heartache you’ll encounter is that there remains a vast population of humans whose “heart-less” existence bleeds over onto our efforts. It’s rather like a potent moral entropy that lies over the land. This is part of why we get such a thrill out of visiting places where humans don’t spend much time — there’s a lot less of that moral entropy burdening the beings there from responding to our heart-led presence.

So the naturally stark difference between nature near you and I, versus nature under the burden of dealing with heart-less folks, doesn’t always manifest that clearly in human experience. That is, the miracles we would naturally expect from God’s abundant supply will be muted. They will be muted in our awareness as it is, but muted also in reality. God can provoke it into reality at His whim, as Master and Maker, but you shouldn’t count on this as routine. You can know when it’s available through your convictions, but you should take the attitude that it’s not automatic.

Now let’s go a bit farther: This approach to life includes man-made objects, not just nature. However, the entropy of human unconsciousness afflicts man-made objects in peculiar ways. Some of those objects were made with an immoral purpose. On top of that, the moral abuse of heart-less human handling also afflicts those objects. There is an extra burden of entropy to overcome. God does it often enough, but you have to start from that awareness to put things in proper perspective. Your personal mission faith and conviction has to build out from a proper awareness.

I challenge you to search your own heart for these things; test my teaching against your convictions. Unless it burns in your soul, I’m full of hot air.

But my convictions are that we stand in the midst of a time when God is issuing a fresh challenge about this whole business of perception and reality. I can tell you that here in central Oklahoma where I live, folks around here are going nuts. They aren’t equipped for this as it is, and the sudden upsurge in reality-shifting events has caused an increase in moral chaos. They aren’t prepared to wade through the weirdness of Satan and his demons cut loose to execute divine wrath. Ignore the freaky frightening stuff in the movies; the vast majority of what Satan does is far more subtle. Only in specific localized instances could you see reality-bending stuff that constitutes “black magic.” For most of us, what we can expect is generally restricted to confusion and chaos in more subtle ways. For much of humanity, that’s all it takes for God’s wrath to be very real.

In my area, what I see is just a contextual madness. Whatever darkness resides in their souls already, they are provoked to give in to impulses where they might normally hold back. Moral restraint is breaking down across the board. People already on the edge are going over that edge, and people not quite so close are getting closer. This is how God’s wrath works; it’s more than just a rise in natural disasters (though we shall see them), but it’s a rise in moral disaster.

We who walk by the heart of conviction and calling will be sensitive to this. We see it for what it is. We know that the moral turmoil in part contributes to natural disasters, because nature itself is suffering and must release some of that pressure. Some of you can explore your own moral sensitivity and can know in your heart when and where some of those natural disasters will occur before it manifests. Some of you will be more sensitive to human moral tension and can tell when crime and chaos are about to happen. Each of us shares a certain amount of all of this, but in our individual calling from the Father, we’ll vary amongst ourselves in what we can sense. We are supposed to share when possible.

We as humans are wired for the moral sphere. That power and communion works automatically; it fails by hindrance, not by nature. If we pull that moral power under a conscious awareness of spiritual conviction in our hearts, we can sense things directly and learn to work with it. If we do not, then the exercise of our moral dominion defaults to demons working through a blinded intellect, a dominion of reason that always breeds moral chaos.

A precious few folks will consciously turn to the dark side, but you don’t need to worry about them. Their power is also restrained in your life when you cling to the Covenant, because that Covenant restricts demonic power. In other words, if your life is just in terms of Biblical Law, demons are blocked from getting close to you, in broad general terms. They may obtain permission to test you in weak areas, but that testing is always constrained by Jesus and His advocacy on our behalf before the Father.

You need to understand that dark powers do exist; it’s not a fable. The Bible mentions them, but Scripture assumes you already understand much of what I’ve explained above. What I describe here reflects the intellectual heritage of the people in the Bible. But by the same token, you and I have the authority to blunt and block the occult powers within the domain God delivers to us as His vassals. Not by the silly mumbo-jumbo in Western fiction (particularly movies), but by the simple awareness that nature itself prefers our company and our heart-led ways. There’s a high probability you’ll feel the moral sliminess when you are around people who use dark powers. There’s an equally high probability they can sense your moral authority, too. Whether or not they try challenge you directly involves too many variables, but in general, they can’t do us any real harm. Only your fear will grant them power over you. Whatever it is the Devil gets to take from you isn’t important; God is your Provider, Healer and Lord.

(Side note: Occult magic works better with man-made objects, and somewhat less well with natural things, but it works quite poorly with the untrammeled wilderness. Part of their power resides in black magicians morally corrupting what they use. It rests to a great extent on ownership of the things in question, and the moral awareness of the owner. These people are heart-minded, but their hearts are committed to evil.)

I’m not going out of my way to chase down folks who work in the dark arts. That’s not my calling — and therein is the crux of things. A lot of people are sorely tempted to play hero and chase down demonic stuff they do not understand. Know your calling and your convictions, and evil presence in this world will be of no consequence to you.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to No Fear, Know the Truth

  1. Mr. T. says:

    Interesting post!

    What I’ve also learnt is that you don’t have to worry that much; getting scared and panicky really is usually the most they can get out of you. Admittably there’s still occasionally the “wow, reality can bend to do this and be arranged like this” factor involved, and it’s taken quite a while to adjust to this new spiritual reality from a “it’s all just physics” based one.

    I’ve watched some of Chris LaSala’s Youtube videos in the past, and he mentioned something like that if you’re a non-believer you just should become a Satanist, or something to that effect and get the (material) benefits. That might even sometimes be a fast track to proving for yourself that “spiritual things” exits, but there might be additional metaphysical factors. Don’t know if for example Richard Dawkins even could do that — or that it could happen to him. And of course a really bad idea in general, wouldn’t personally recommend — getting yourself out could be difficult and traumatic.

    There are probably some metaphysical rules, but they are not easily articulated. I’ve seen some New Agey sources try (for example this), but getting that specific probably isn’t usually needed.

    I’ve kept a journal of my “weird and improbable” events due to bad memory. Highly improbable repeating number sequences are a way of life now. đŸ™‚

    Unfortunately sometimes your intellect just wants to analyze this stuff and runs in circles. Being “brain-lead” is hard stuff to drop when you’ve done it your whole life. Excessive analyzing probably usually leads nowhere fast.


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