Cyber Siege

While I await the coming mission adventure somewhere ahead of me on the road, I still have plenty to do in the meantime. I have a gospel message, the eternal core of all missions. It includes warning people of sin, and helping them build a perception of moral truth based on revelation. I am a shepherd appointed by God; it’s between Him and His sheep whether any of them follow my lead, but I know where I’m supposed to go.

A critical element in what I do is keeping track of the Zionist censorship efforts. It has recently become a very large part of my time investment, and weighs heavily on my consciousness.

Regular readers have gotten an earful of my blather about why modern Israel has no claim on any part of the biblical promises under the Covenant of Moses, and why Zionism reflects one of the longest lived heresies ever. But you’ll notice I stop there. That is, I disavow any campaign to stop Zionism. I don’t support BDS and I’m not all that supportive of the Palestinian causes (there is more than one agenda). In fact, I’m convinced that any hope for Palestinians is long dead, and the only reason they haven’t been driven out already is because the Israeli leadership enjoys tormenting them. So this is a matter of the Satanic and perverted moral nature of Zionism, not politics. I am completely against any kind of political activism regarding Israel either way.

The issue here is stating the truth and standing by it. We can sum it up in two basic points: (1) Jesus was the Messiah and the entire Covenant of Moses was subsumed under His authority and (2) the only way to claim any part of the Old Covenant promises is to obey Moses according to the ancient mystical approach Jesus taught. End of story. Reject Christ and you can’t claim the name “Israel” because you aren’t walking in the mission that goes with that name.

Merely stating that truth is all that’s required of us. That’s the mission, a part of the gospel message. We leave it for God to draw or not draw people to this truth from His Word. He said that was the job of the Holy Spirit.

What that means in our current context is that we are under siege. That is, we know that Zionists have long been lobbying for laws to make it a punishable crime to dispute any claim they make. They have succeeded in some measure in some countries. They’ve invested most of their energies up to now in protecting the most fragile part of their historical claims. The claim to the land of Palestine rests on the Holocaust, which in turn rests heavily on Dispensational Doctrine. Dispensationalism has long been the safest of their claims.

So far, they haven’t gotten around to attacking the particular points that I make. I don’t bother with disputing at length their noise about the Holocaust, but I do note in passing that it’s a very big lie, and then only when it’s pertinent for some other issue. Too many other people have got that issue covered, and better than I could do it. Instead, I rest my case on the Scriptural points above. But it’s only a matter of time before they will seek to censor that message. On the one hand, they are most likely going to work through their Christian Zionist proxies. On the other hand, their weapons will be highly varied.

Zionists aren’t willing to leave it to mere laws, but they have already prepared to engage in cyber warfare. This will make it much easier to go after everyone who opposes them, not just the biggest targets. Until they get better political and legal support, they have to keep that stuff rather quiet and unobtrusive. I’ve seen where servers were hacked, but nothing easily attributed to them, only the obvious motive for who got hacked. We can only guess that, much like the NSA and other snooping agencies, they have long had various back doors into critical systems for Internet traffic routing. They’ve long had the means to compromise computers and related equipment, such as home and small business routers, so that when they think they can get away with it, they’ll seize control of every system used by their perceived enemies. They’ll try to block the routing of messages and viewing websites.

That includes me and anyone who echoes my teaching about Israel. Just subscribing to this blog or coming here to read my teachings on Israel and Zionism can make you a target.

This is why I also teach about the power of the Internet as a gift from God, a means of communicating the gospel. This is why I teach about computer security and building up your defenses against those cyber attacks. This is why I keep track of what we call “PsyOps” — attempts to sucker you into compromise by manipulation.

I can’t predict the specific moves the Zionists will make, but we have already seen the general trends. We have seen how they have strong allies within the US government, particularly among the various intelligence agencies. We know that precious few in Congress dare to openly criticize Israel for even the most egregious moral evils, and it’s going to get tougher for anyone at the UN to do the same. We have seen revelations of how US intelligence agencies have long had some of the most diabolical cyber weapons to take over our computers, with more revelations leaking every day. We’ve also seen them plant criminal materials on private computers and then tell the FBI what they’ll find if they search. The Zionists and their Christian allies will soon use those weapons on folks like me, if they can.

Keep in mind that the Trump administration has offered stronger support for Zionism than any previous administration. So Zionists and allies are taking advantage of this, making moves they previously couldn’t. I’m keeping track of that; it’s a major element in my calling right now. And it’s possible that this is directly related to the coming mission adventure, but that’s not important. This is what my mission is right now. The saints of God will tribulate.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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