Requiem for the West

I’m going to miss Europe.

I lived there long enough to know that the people no longer have the stomach for what it would take to save their way of life. Their culture and heritage bore the seeds of its own destruction. I’ve shared my thoughts on that enough on this blog: The West has always been hopelessly materialistic, so whatever vitality it brought into the world had a distinct limit.

This is the end of Western Civilization. Here’s an example: German government has surrendered to non-Western criminal clans. This really is not a matter of Islam as a religion, and it’s not about “Christianity” defending itself. This is a culture clash, and the invaders have won. This is the wrath of God on the West.

I believe the Father has somewhat less painful plans for the US. We are still going to see the end of Western Civilization, but our transition will be different. An obvious symptom of difference is that the bulk of our population is more willing to fight the arrogant governmental system, and has retained the means for personal resistance. A significant portion of the American population understands the serious threat to their way of life inherent in progressivism, and they understand that government is almost entirely leftist to varying degrees.

Not everything on the left is immoral or evil, but in this time of crisis, the threat is clear: The left hates everyone else. They are eager to take everything from the majority and leave them naked on the streets, fully delighted at the idea of letting them die in the worst way possible. Folks on the right are aware of this to varying degrees, and are slowly being stirred to action. The majority is reluctant, but willing to do what it takes to keep from losing everything, in contrast to Europeans.

Europe faces an apocalypse, but America will tribulate in a different way. The reasons for God’s mercy are inscrutable. This is hardly the case as it was with Noah where we have somehow gained God’s favor; we shall likewise be drowned in wrath, but in a different way.

So long, Western Civilization.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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