A Two-Edged Sword

I share this for the sake of accountability; it’s not intended to convince you so much as to provoke your own contemplation. My conclusion rests not on some powerful prophetic impression, but rather a passive sense of moral justice.

Several times I’ve shared some of my experience in military law enforcement, and how my security clearance, and my personal friendship with people inside the intelligence operations, exposed me to a very broad awareness. To be honest, I can’t recall any of the stuff that I promised not to reveal; that would be the mass of detailed stuff that we can’t remember unless we use it all the time. Aside from installation security, our primary mission was battlefield traffic control under Cold War assumptions, so you can guess what kind of crap I was supposed to know. And it changed every year, so it was just more boring crap every time we turned around, only the particular flavor of stink changed.

What I cannot forget is the larger moral picture that arose from all that exposure, and from those friends who were just as eager as I to leave and get away from it. God called us to be there and be aware; our mission from God was to share moral insights into why the wrath of God falls on American government.

The CIA is all about the money. Granted, the CIA is not all one thing, but there has always been a group of people who were united in their commitment to a secret agenda that allowed them to profit at the expense of just about everyone else. So when the CIA was officially created, it gave these people a bureaucratic army with special authority to carry out their agenda, all paid for by someone else. But you need to understand that the net effects of their work is exploiting other countries and their resources for their own profit.

Recently there was a TV series that offered a more or less accurate portrayal of the CIA’s involvement in cocaine smuggling into the US. And some of you may be aware of how our involvement in Afghanistan is largely to protect the heroin trade. It’s one of the worst kept secrets about our activities there. And all the other stuff the CIA does usually involves suckering foreign governments into taking on massive debt that forces them into a form of slavery without any real benefit to the people who live there.

The Pentagon doesn’t want to get involved in Syria, but the CIA already is. While it’s obvious that the CIA has agreed to serve Israel’s interests on Syria’s fate, their motivation is how Israel has their own plundering agenda, and is willing to let the CIA share in the loot. So despite the vast bureaucratic inertia about getting entangled in Syria, the CIA is all in on the deal. It was the CIA who created ISIS, equipping and training and keeping their agents involved even to this day. Every time some batch of ISIS escapes their combat fate somewhere, it’s because the CIA used various assets to evacuate their agents. Some of the US attacks on Syrian troops were to prevent the capture of those CIA-ISIS agents.

This is not a question of absolutes, but a measured gamble taken by those who actually decide what the CIA does. They will serve the interests of Israel’s government in trying to create a Salafist entity straddling Upper Mesopotamia. That’s because such an entity would serve as a massive opportunity for plunder. Thus, whether Assad stays in power or is removed may not make a whole lot of difference, since having such a bellicose agency as ISIS there will keep him busy. Thus, the impending collapse of ISIS means they will be reduced to a terrorist force, not a physical occupying presence. The lack of Pentagon interest has nothing to do with it; there will be an American war in Syria one way or another.

I cannot say how steadfast Russia will be in supporting Syria’s government. I cannot pretend to know what kind of long-term chess game is at work. What I can know is that there is a strong probability that this more recent plot by the Whitehouse to gin up an excuse to attack Syria’s troops more widely will result in a huge military disaster for the US. It’s not a simple matter of military capability, though I suspect Russia is awfully tough with better equipment, if less of it. What I see here is that this may well be the geographic location where God allows our military to lose.

Such a loss is inevitable. It’s part of the prophetic warning of which I am most utterly certain. That certainty doesn’t include a specific time and location, nor a specific means, but I suspect that this may well be it. My suspicion is based on a broad sense of what seems morally appropriate for the context.

Again, I’m not grinning about the necessity of human suffering from such a thing, but I’m ready to celebrate the revelation of God, whether it be by wrath or blessing. His Flaming Sword of moral truth has two edges and I’m eager to feel the cut of that blade in my own heart.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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