Moral Discernment in the Social Context

A primary feature of the Alpha Male personality is sufficient arrogance to reject the entire civilization in which he lives. More to the point, a genuine Alpha is quite willing to embrace the role of “bad guy” in all its various forms, if the mainstream insists on using such labels in an attempt to control his behavior. If “manly” is defined as “evil,” then the Alpha will proudly fly that flag and go to war with society.

The form this all takes is wholly native to the Anglo-Saxon mythology. More importantly, it is native to what has become of Anglo-Saxon mythology as it has survived to this day in the West, particularly in the US. If you were to take up a genuine study of any of the ancient influences on Western Civilization in general, you will find that those influences are changed and even perverted in the process. So for example, Western Civilization is not true to the teaching of Aristotle, but it is Aristotelian in many ways, in that his teaching has an influence. It’s not a question of Aristotle himself, but what people have done in response to his teaching, and how they have used some of it to shape a world he would find foreign and objectionable. It’s the same with all the mythology of the ancient German tribes that invaded the Roman Empire, to include the Anglo-Saxons.

The modern day cults of Odin and Oester are not a fair representation of the ancient mythology at all, but anyone can discern the influence of ancient mythology in the sense that we cynically expect humanity to latch onto the stupidest part of everything they can find and run off with it in all directions. What we live with today in the US is a cyclical battle between Cults of Odin-masculine and Oester-feminine, and a very bad version of both.

For some time now, the femmes have ruled in the mainstream cultural sphere. That is, the modern day Cult of Oester controls the public debate by controlling the terms and frame of reference. They have seized virtually all forms of expression so that everything is defined in their terms. Thus, the popular image of what it means to be “masculine” is whatever they say it is before anyone even starts talking.

We can argue whether our president is actually an Alpha, but we cannot deny he acts like one. Everyone tells him he shouldn’t use Twitter, especially the way he does it, saying nasty things about people he doesn’t like. But it’s obvious that in his eyes, he’s being unfairly attacked by people who hate him, so he’s only hitting back after they draw first blood. And if it means people will call him evil, so be it — hoist the black flag and start slitting throats. He’s in charge and everyone who hates him can just screw themselves.

Now, let’s back up a minute and think this through biblically with our heart-led minds.

It’s one thing to recognize that our society is somewhat stratified by various degrees of social charisma that people can manifest. It’s not a question of their personal moral virtue, but the ability to project their presence into the awareness of others. This is very real and is wired into us, partly by the Fall and partly by divine design. Some of it you can learn and some of it is simply what you are born with — you can only do so much with your inheritance. However, at least some of your influence rests on your choice to capitalize on what you have. You can increase your social influence by understanding what many call “Game” — the Game Theory of Socio-sexual Response (see footnote below).

A critical part of this is recognizing that both sides in this mess are deceived, but that the deception is deeper and more completely developed on the feminine side. Feminism rejects a priori the truth of things, and your average female is so deeply pickled in this bitterness that you will find the Cult of Oester ruling in every aspect of society as the norm. (It’s the dominant cultic influence in Western churches, especially.) To be “Western” is to be feminist. There is no masculinist position, except as a problem that afflicts the mainstream.

Meanwhile, there is a tiny handful of males and females who see through this vast deception and are pulling away. Some are using their position to prey on those trapped inside the big lie, but most are simply taking advantage of their insight for less predatory purposes. They are content to win prizes with a little more meaning than mere self-gratification.

And quite a few are spreading the message online. Yet, even their clear view of reality is still deeply wed to the broader false mythology underlying Western Civilization itself. What appears to them as reality is still just a matter of illusion so massive that there is precious little chance that any other story will be heard. Thus, the Game folks are buying into some mixture of truth and error, in that they still embrace the image of being “bad guys” because it’s all they have left in this crazy context. They believe what they have is truth, but are waiting the time when the feminist control breaks down, as it inevitably must. What Game folks do not understand is that when feminism dies, so will Western Civilization. There won’t be anything left for the masculinists to inherit and rebuild.

Granted, an awful lot of folks living through this shift from Western Civilization to the Networked Civilization won’t even notice it. That’s because the latter will most certainly incorporate elements of the former, as has been the case with every civilization. Still, the new world coming will be quite different and a great many Game folks will be at a loss when their expectations don’t come about. Much of what they take for granted as “reality” is still illusion.

We who have committed ourselves to a heart-led life can see this coming. We are in a position to sift out the false elements of Game to discern what parts of it comes from Scripture. So we know, for example, that male dominance is not simply inevitable, but utterly necessary. It is essential to living in our fallen world and we will promote it as morally good and right. However, we will most certainly dispute with Game folks about what male dominance means and what it should look like when exercised properly. We uphold the shepherd image, not the Anglo-Saxon warrior image. We are not Beowulf, but King David, and we take very seriously the burden of responsibility to ensure we know what that really means, not buy into some Westernized perversion of it.

We can understand Trump, and we can easily see how he is God’s agent of destruction. We know prophetically that this coming destruction is utterly necessary in light of God’s revelation. We embrace it with a paradoxical mixture of joy and sorrow. And we know that what follows will not be some virtual golden age, but that it will seem such to a great many who walk through it. They will be no less deceived than those who came before them, because that’s the nature of the Curse of the Fall. There is nothing we can do to deflect the course of history as God herds humanity along the path of His will.

Instead, we seek to harvest just those few souls He has prepared for us to reach. We emphasize a message about what this world should be like, what God had intended it to be, and the sad truth of what it has become. And yet, we know of a certainty that we walk in His revelation and still manage to harvest a fruit of joy and peace that brings us as close to Eden as anyone can be.


Footnote: It’s called “Game Theory” because it uses the same approach to understanding socio-sexual response as any serious gamer uses in beating a computer role-playing game. Such computer games are virtual reality, an imaginary world with its own rules and so forth. A true gamer approaches it like an Alpha Male, with some detachment. That is, he doesn’t lose himself in the game; he’s not a true believer. Instead, he uses some version of scientific method to explore, fully expecting to lose and die over and over again until he understands how the game is designed. It’s about sifting out false clues from actual results. Then he can beat it with a stunningly high score, and go on to the next game. Men who learn to apply that approach to dealing with females — and society in general — can then ignore all the noise about what women claim they want and give women what they actually respond to, to win whatever high score and prizes are available.

Please note that this Game Theory approach in itself is evidence of the rising Networked Civilization; it’s a departure from Western Civilization even as it pulls something from it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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