Rhetorical Smoke and Mirrors

One of the biggest lies told today is that people matter in our system.

Aside from a few hyped policy matters, almost nothing in the US government agenda has changed one iota since the last election. Putin himself said as much, suggesting that he would not have bothered to help either side in the election since it would never make any difference who was president. Presidents have no say in what happens on the ground.

That is, having an actual say would require such drastic and shocking action as to destroy the system itself. Elections change nothing, folks. The only way to change government is a bloody revolt. And we are at the point where that is going to happen either way.

The globalists were poised to seize control of the government and it would have been a full apocalypse of terror. The globalists control the Democratic Party, crushing their own nationalist wing. The globalists aren’t giving up, so even if they succeed in ousting Trump, their current attack on the system that elected so many Republicans will continue. As long as one of them is not in charge, they will fight for control. And their methods will continue to break parts of the system until it’s all gone and they can rule as harshly as they like.

Meanwhile, the imperialists have long planned to destroy any country that expresses a will to independent policy and action, particularly when said policy and action is not what the imperialists want. They tend to be somewhat kinder and gentler in their oppression here at home than globalists would be, but it’s a difference in degree, not kind. Both imperialists and globalists are willing to slaughter however many dissenting citizens it takes to get cooperation.

Globalists are truly blind to the amount of dissent there is at the ground level; they are frankly hostile to even discussing it. The imperialists are more aware, but arrogant enough to believe they can beat it. The latter are also more willing to bide their time if they see a way through the resistance. The globalists will not wait, so they will be the first to face destruction.

Right now their ground troops are taking a break. They were expecting a right-wing backlash, but underestimated its effectiveness. The American Antifas weren’t expecting to get so badly hurt individually, and they were certainly not expecting the legal process to be so stiff, with a significant number of protesters already facing long prison terms. Theirs is a childlike fantasy approach to violent protest, expecting a magical protection against real-world consequences. They share in none of the street-wise experience with their communist brothers in Europe. To the degree they start the violence again, the American Antifas will provoke an even stronger backlash.

That’s because the one factor everyone seems to ignore is the just how fed up the nationalist majority is at ground level. Most Antifas would not even acknowledge that’s what they are facing. We aren’t that far from right-wing death squads. It’s one thing to march and chant and wave signs, but violence in preventing the nationalists from having their say will provoke a much more organized and forthright crackdown. The right-wing is willing and able, far more competent at that sort of thing than all of the globalists put together. And be warned that if such bloodshed gets started, it will appear racist. The ethnic minorities will suffer the most, despite the fact a great many nationalists are also from ethnic minorities. That’s because globalists and leftists have worked so very hard to enslave them.

Brothers and Sisters, this could drag out for the next few years. If not this summer, then another one down the road. Meanwhile, we need to keep an eye on signs that the debt system is breaking apart. It won’t be any kind of economic Armageddon, but it will be messy and painful. The economy will still work, but there will be dramatic changes in which companies will survive and from whom you’re going to buy your basic necessities. It’s going to crumble at the top layers, not all the way down. But along with that will be a similar disturbance in the political system.

Don’t believe the hype.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Rhetorical Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    The most important difference is what Trump represented, not what he actually does…which, for the most part, is business as usual, as you’ve pointed out.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Exactly, Jay. He served mostly to hinder his opponent; not much else he can do.


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