Nothing Personal, But It’s Personal

There is nothing particularly virtuous, nor sinful, about activism.

Start with holy cynicism and not taking yourself too seriously. If activism is simply a part of your personal character, then be activist. Do it because it’s essential to who you are. However, by no means should you expect it to make much difference. The whole idea is to express yourself, to tell your story of God’s glory. You do it because it’s right for you. The external outcomes are just icing on the cake at best, and utterly immaterial at worst. Leave that part in God’s hands; you be faithful to your calling.

But at the same time, God makes available to us all a certain level of wisdom about how humanity operates. In ascending to the heart-level of moral reasoning, we can begin to see the patterns of God’s character at work in both compliance and defiance — the compliance of reality against the defiance of fallen human nature. The defiance itself follows a pattern; it bears characteristics that we can discern and recognize in both large and small scale. We are permitted to discern the wiles of demons in their influence on human behavior.

And it’s more like getting to know people than mere patterns. At its finest, our moral discernment will always sense the personal fingerprints of the non-human people that populate Creation. Everything is personal and Creation is alive and sentient, and demons have a personality we can recognize, because they are a part of Creation. The proper moral understanding of the world personalizes everything, and we recognize that sin is inherently depersonalizing.

So in your response to the activist urge, keep in mind what it is we ought to express. Don’t run with the herd as another cow, but as one who reads the true moral character of God. Be morally conscious and understand what God longs to see from humanity. It’s capsulized in the Covenant of Noah, and more broadly understood in Biblical Law as a whole. If there’s one thing our activism must support, it’s restoring personhood to people in particular and Creation in general. It means tearing down the centralizing tendency of tyrants and oppressors. If your activism supports coercion outside covenant boundaries, you are working for Satan.

Then again, we live in a world that refuses to recognize any of that. We still live a world of God herding human cattle because they refuse to be people in His covenant family. So we have to spend an awful lot of time walking in the herds as infiltrators who bring just that little element of truth from God. We get involved solely as infiltrators who shine that Light of Divine Love. It’s not very loving if you are a grouchy elitist who verbally demeans the herds who don’t see what you see; that’s a failure of moral truth in itself. Instead, we play our assigned role until that moment when God commands us to demonstrate His truth. Otherwise, we spend a lot of time playing along, even while subtly manifesting our unique individuality in Christ. If you draw no boundaries, you have no witness.

If you have a prophetic consciousness, that is also a critical guide to your choices.

Using myself as an example, I am utterly certain that God is tearing down the globalist agenda. But most of those who support that agenda aren’t really aware of it. They have been manipulated into caring a lot more about peripheral accouterments that go with globalism. We sum up that packaging as “political correctness” or “social justice” and the people involved as “social justice warriors” (SJWs). Thus, to the degree I would engage activism, it is tearing down the SJWs; they are my enemies. Attacking them and their agenda is part of my calling.

I’m not overly fond of the largest single force opposing them, but I’ll play along with the so-called “weaponized autists” on Reddit, 4chan and similar forums. This is the same folks who rose to prominence with Gamergate. Some of their battle ensigns include references to Pepe the Frog, sometimes whimsically referred to as the pagan deity Kek. You’ll see references to the Cult of Kek and the mystical Land of Kekistan.

All of this requires a certain sense of humor, but the part I appreciate is the element of not taking themselves too seriously. By the same token, they don’t take SJWs seriously, nor any of the SJW allies. In fact, they are downright abusive of such folk. But what makes them so powerful is that abuse returned on their heads just rolls off their backs. When they refer to the realm of “meat-space” it’s because they gleefully declare their physical form as “bags of meat.” They have a tendency to gleefully embrace any slander thrown that them. It’s a powerful rejection of prevailing SJW social norms.

This is because the SJWs have seized the public forum with a Satanic zeal for control. If you aren’t permitted to have your say in public, then destroy the public forum. Destroy everything associated with that forum, as well. This is the nature of a radical revolt. Every attempt to silence the “impolite” voice of dissent results in a terrorizing push-back that bubbles right back up into the public forum again. In order for a public forum to work at all, it cannot be hermetically sealed. Communication cannot possibly be one-way.

All the more so with the Internet. The public forum is under siege precisely because it is a static target impossible to defend. It is either accessible to everyone equally or it will cease to exist. Meanwhile, the very nature of the Internet will prevent even the pretense of one-way communication. This is what the guardians of the public forum cannot seem to grasp. It’s both the nature of reality, and even more so for virtual reality, that centralizing control will fail. The harder SJWs try, the more it will dissolve and run through their grasping claws.

My support for Linux in particular, and Open Source in general, is simply a reflection of my grasp of decentralizing forces as the hand of God. It’s not iconoclasm as a religion, but icon-smashing as the means to something critical in God’s character. So I’ll selectively target icons that hinder the decentralizing movement, because it’s not about the icons. Using Windows surrenders too much control to human predators. It’s not that Open Source developers are morally good, but that they don’t actively seek to control you.

The “autistic gamers” of Reddit and 4chan are willing to let you live and do what you believe you must, but not if that includes oppressing and controlling others. And I sure as Hell will not support those trying to preserve some imaginary civilized culture and some mythical civil discourse. Those don’t exist; this is war and I’m standing with those who merely ask to be left alone. If the weapons of that warfare seem rude, profane or distasteful to you, it’s because you have already sided with the attacking tyrants.

Neither you nor I can stay the hand of God’s wrath. We each have to find our place in His mighty and inscrutable works. I cannot decide what you must do, but I have to draw some boundaries or I’ll do nothing at all. If you find yourself outside those boundaries, don’t complain that I’m hard on you, because I’m not responsible for anything outside those boundaries. And I fully expect the same from you, so it’s nothing personal in that sense. It’s not ill-will against you as if I know you; it’s just my zeal for God’s calling on my life.

It’s personal in a wholly different sense; if you can’t discern the difference, you’ll never understand anyway.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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