No Sense of Humor

I’m hardly the only guy to notice that SJWs don’t have a sense of humor.

Recall, please, that I am a clown. I learned not to take myself too seriously. That would naturally mean I prefer to company of folks who are also like that. One of the best friends I had in the military was someone who poked run at himself the same as I, to the point we traded false racial epithets. Yeah, he was black, and we prayed together a lot and trusted each other with our lives.

It means that some of my writing here is going to feature sarcasm. One of the primary reasons I don’t join too many technology forums is because the SJWs have infested their lack of humor everywhere. I’m not allowed to use sarcasm and make fun of social conventions on those forums. I’m not that interested in the company of thin-skinned whiners.

Another friend of mine was a bold queer. You’ve probably seen the type; not pushy about trying to find more dates, but certainly not hungry for social approval. The whole point was that there was no doubt who he was, no sneaky innuendo, no fake social cover, no secret crusade to change the other. We both knew where the other stood and agreed to call a truce because there was no way we could avoid each other’s company as soldiers. We got stuff done without conflict, but not without some good-natured kidding. It was easy to see where the boundaries stood.

Both of those friends are the kind of people I want with me in the foxhole. It’s the reason animals don’t eat each other when fleeing a forest fire. When things get really nasty, you need allies with predictable behavior who watch your back. By the same token, there were a few people who thought they were in on that same deal, but their boundaries didn’t match mine at all. They were the kind of people who thought causing others pain was funny, and got deeply offended when you didn’t laugh while you were bleeding from a cut they gave you, literal or figurative.

It’s not that you are evil for being sensitive; it’s that you can’t work closely with me. Nor is it particularly evil to play rough with your fellow sadists and masochists, but it means I don’t want you around. Those are just a matter of taste and you are a fool for not being aware of them as such. If we aren’t willing to find ways to accommodate each other, we are all doomed. However, a lack of humor at all is just stupid and dangerous. That’s a symptom of that kind of awareness that makes room for folks to be different.

I don’t have time to deal with people who can’t let me by myself. But for folks who are determined to remold me into their image: You are my enemy, so watch out.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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