Put on the Crazy Suit

I don’t know where to start; this thing doesn’t have a tail or head.

Look, you can think what you like about my notion that Creation is alive and we can talk to the animals and trees and grass and rocks. I’m convinced that the mainstream notion of reality is not just a lie, but a pernicious attempt to drive us all crazy. Thus, we are taught to think folks are crazy who don’t buy the lie. I’ve been at war with conventional reality since childhood. So if someone wants to suggest I’m still clinging to childhood fantasies, that’s okay. Feel free to stop reading; you have nothing to lose by ignoring me.

Meanwhile, I’m sticking to my guns. Reality is fungible — one man’s reality is just a good as another because reality is a living person who treats us all differently, the way real people do each other. And it’s not fair and some of us wear a lot more shit splatters than others as we go through life. Your destiny is not what happens to you, but is what God calls you to do, and you can most certainly fail your destiny. The difference between psychosis and genius is what you do with it.

We have to ditch binary thinking; it’s okay for the computers we use (until we figure out quantum computing). However, binary is not how reality works and it’s not how our minds should work. Our society declares a false dichotomy on lots of things and it’s up to us to see the shining light of truth through the sick and twisted lies. Part of what keeps us from having quantum computing is a false approach to reality in the first place.

So let’s have some quantum moral reasoning in the meantime and maybe we can help things along by breaking free of binary moral thinking. The whole idea of shining God’s glory into this world is for the sake of the glory itself, as the summum bonum for all Creation.

For example, suicide is not a sin per se. It’s a symptom of moral failure, a failure to get on with the business of shining God’s glory despite all the craziness in your life. The urge to off yourself is the Siren Song; it can’t accomplish what you hope. It won’t give you any relief because you still have to stand before God and account for refusing to shine His light. What can we do with that? Stay the course and avoid the rocks.

The US is on the verge of national suicide. God’s glory for the US is out of reach and there’s no going back. There are no good choices left — nothing can save it — so it’s just a matter of choosing how it will be destroyed. I had hoped that my prophetic warning (that reality had shifted and that our world is going crazy) would help some of you prepare. Not in the sense of Preppers and their false vision of Armageddon, but in the sense of pulling your head back out of the false reality. Get used to the idea that it’s all coming apart. Some elements will move slowly, but plenty of things will appear to burst out of nowhere because TPTB are deceiving us and trying to hide so very much.

I can’t offer neat and tidy rules of stocking up on this or that kind of thing because it’s too variable for location. Where I live there is one set of advantages; where you live there may be others. Pray about it and then as you go through the days, let the context speak to you of God’s provision and take it. If some cans on the store shelf call your name, don’t dismiss it as going crazy; buy some. If you feel comfortable with the material situation, then keep the focus elsewhere. You are the only one who knows what God wants you to do.

Meanwhile, I’ve been hoping that I could build a vision that might help you avoid fear, because fear will blind you to God’s glory. So from time to time I’ll share with you some of the mechanics of government and human behavior at large, using my background in social sciences. I’ve been trying to help sort through the false complications in order to open up the very real complications and variables of the situation. So I’ll tell you that the economy won’t simply stop; goods and services will keep moving regardless of what happens in Washington, DC. Instead, we have a much bigger problem with rising violence. Along with that, I’ve tried to help you understand the sources of that violence so your mind is ready to calculate that.

I’m still telling you to keep your eye on that right-wing backlash. It’s alive and more powerful than most folks can imagine. It won’t fizzle for a long time yet. You will have to find ways to avoid becoming a target, because the heart-led walk isn’t about right or left, and you’ll be judged by a false standard.

So in reference to the linked article, I have no idea what Trump will try to do with the looming impasse, and it really won’t matter in the long run. I linked to that article because it rings of truth to me; don’t be surprised when Trump does one crazy thing or another. Crazy is all that’s left. There are more options than that article suggests, but it will give you a picture you can grasp for the time being.

Don’t worry; don’t fear. God has things well in hand and He’s watching out for those who have committed their hearts to Him. Learn to hear the moral convictions of your heart and teach your mind to doubt sensory data and reason. Fantasy is wishing for something you cannot and should not have; trusting God is no fantasy.

It’s just looks crazy to folks who won’t do it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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