Unchained Vision, Part 2

If you can grasp the mystical image of reality to any degree, then it should be less of a struggle to handle what follows.

You are the only person on this earth who can know in fullness God’s calling on your life, your mission in redemption of your divine heritage. I can offer some narrative that will open doors in your perception, which could serve to restore the natural linkage between heart and mind so that you are able to structure a response to the divine call. God granted our intellects so that we can organize and implement what He speaks into our hearts through moral conviction. My calling is to offer my own narrative with as much clarity as I can muster; God seems to use that to trigger some recognition in some of you, dear readers, and it’s all joy.

I’ve written about The Cult [PDF] as a parable, an avatar of Satan’s influence rooted way back in ancient history, and continuing down through today. I’m trying to give that influence a living shape, a characterization that makes it easier to recognize it. How you respond to that is between God and you; my own response varies with the context. But the idea of giving it that kind of anthropomorphic shape comes from Jesus’ use of the name “Mammon” — the image of a cultic deity for the materialistic tendency. In this, Jesus made it bite the conscience of the Pharisees who made so very much of their legalistic viewpoint in idolatry.

It wasn’t to piss them off, but to get their attention. He was hoping to redeem some of them, and we know He succeeded with just a tiny few. His mission in that sense was to offer a clarity of vision and help them reclaim their lost heritage of God’s revelation.

The primary objective of The Cult is deception, seeking to obscure that clear revelation. They aim to keep folks away from their divine heritage by any and all means possible. I’ve said that The Cult is neither Judaism nor Zionism, but uses both as a front to disguise the true agenda. I’ve also tried to point out that Zionism isn’t what it’s representatives claim it is. It’s not about Israel the land, but about Israel the deception, the Synagogue of Satan. It’s an excuse to torment and keep the world in turmoil. It’s an artful measure of just enough provocation to keep the focus on their activities. So they make it look like they want to reclaim the full Greater Israel once held under the reigns of David and Solomon, but the Zionists use that as a mask for their lust to torment the whole human race.

Thus, the gradual and incremental displacement of Palestinians is designed to keep the outrage stirred up. The incremental encroachment on the Temple Mount, the fuss and fight over archaeological sites, the yo-yo jerking of the Palestinian government, etc. — it’s all about turmoil and torment. It’s all a masquerade; nothing you see there is real except the human suffering. We need to stop pretending that there is one scintilla of sanity anywhere in Israel’s government. Behind that government is Satan himself; that’s not just a figure of speech.

The same can be said of AIPAC and the Zionist Lobby in the US. It’s sole purpose is to provoke outrage and induce human suffering. Right now there’s a battle in Congress to create a new law to punish the old BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel). Just the proposal of legislation is meant to keep attention on Israel and away from other things, never mind whether it ever gets passed into law in any form. If not with laws, then with some other means of leverage, so look out for Israeli malware and network disruptions, and efforts to censor any message but their own.

We have known for some decades that Zionism has struggled to silence all dissent. However, the focus of their efforts is political activism, not the straight-up philosophical-historical discussion I make here. My teaching gets very little traction with the world as a whole. I don’t even support BDS. It’s not evil, just silly and pointless. It’s granting the Zionists their choice of battleground, of political turmoil that keeps Israel the center of attention. They can’t really fight what I do here. My only concern with the whole thing is that you learn to ignore the call to activism. Even then, it’s not activism itself, but the lie that activism matters.

What you need to understand, without trying to gin up some kind of organized resistance, is that the US government is just two teams of a single Zionist political party. The central party committee is AIPAC. There is no organized opposition party, just two sub-parties competing on how to implement the single agenda and who gets to profit on the side. But what seems obvious right now is that the Republican Zionists are currently ascendant, and their efforts are all the nastier because they are frankly far more loyal to the Zionist agenda of torment and suffering. Look for the most egregious enslavement to Zionist wishes. This fulfills the false Messianic prophecies that all Gentiles would willingly submit to Jewish slavery.

Do you imagine that our military bombing “collateral damage” problem is an accident? That’s a direct fulfillment of the Zionist agenda. Sloppy drone attacks and friendly fire incidents are all very much a part of what the Zionists want from the US. They want enough blood to swim in. It’s not just the proximate suffering of the victims, but they want very much to make Americans feel outraged and guilty, and to make the rest of the world angry. So it doesn’t matter if the people pulling the triggers are incompetent, or whether it’s flaws in the software they use, or overpriced junky military hardware, or bad intelligence fed to the targeting computers. It continues because it serves the Zionist agenda.

Furthermore, the incomprehensible expense of all this is part of that agenda. AIPAC is determined to destroy the US, too. That’s part of the Zionist game, but they hope to do it in the midst of using us to destroy Russia and China. If you didn’t know Zionists were driving our government’s hostility to every world-class military power, you don’t understand what’s happening. The majority of citizens most certainly do not support that hostility. It’s too easy to prove that with honest polling; it’s been done repeatedly. We have no say in our government.

Get used to this. God is herding the cattle according to His inscrutable whims and plans. Do whatever He calls you to do, but don’t bring to your mission any expectation that the world situation will change. That was never our mission in Christ. Our mission is to redeem a few souls by provoking a higher awareness of things that don’t rest on this world.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. forrealone says:

    ‘This is my story and I’m sticking to it.’ Good! (:^)


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