Unchained Vision, Part 3

By now you can probably figure out that The Cult is roughly equivalent to the Antichrist and closely connected to the Beast in Revelation.

Technically speaking, any human government that does not adhere to the Covenant of Noah is a manifestation of the Beast. However, much of what’s in Revelation regarding the Beast is aimed at a global government. We are headed toward that and it will be a Zionist government in the sense that it will be the same bunch of people with the same agenda. Don’t get hung up on formal connections; see the function.

Either way, when the day comes that no Gentile government is powerful enough to hinder Israel, she will be the Beast of Revelation, and her agenda is primarily anti-Christian in the long term. And as I explain in The Cult [PDF], the Judaizers succeeded in subverting the organized Christian churches of the First Century. Within a few centuries of Christ’s Ascension, organized Christianity was wholly enslaved to secular politics.

And as we all know, that political union gave us the First Beast, a government that controlled the institutional churches of that day, and actively crushed any attempt at forming a congregation outside the control of the Church hierarchy. Thus, that organized Church was the Harlot consort of the Beast.

The Reformation solved precious little of that problem, since just about everything about the entire range of Protestant religion is a mere reaction to the Roman Church. And while it’s far more complicated in the East, the Orthodox Church pretty much dominates wherever it stands outside Catholic/Protestant countries. Either way, you are unlikely to see any churches today organized as they were in the New Testament. Everyone attempts to read their cultural biases back into the New Testament record so they can claim to be “New Testament” but we all know it’s a lie.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with you going to spend time as members of any of those organized churches. When you can find some mutual tolerance out there, it’s a good idea to fellowship as much as you can. I’m not hostile to that idea at all. However, I hope you understand that any church registered under any government today is morally compromised; it’s still the Beast and Harlot to one degree or another. It’s still playing into the hands of The Cult.

If nothing else, hanging out in such churches is no different from the Apostles starting their missionary work in synagogues. We can hope for a less hostile interaction; nothing requires you to act so as to get kicked out unless that’s simply your individual calling. It happened to me often enough. The only way I can ever go back to any institutional church is to shut my mouth until I parrot the party line. That will never happen.

For longer than a decade, my wife and I have held worship in our home. We are a home church or house church. Corporate worship is a command from God, but that never meant worshiping alongside folks who reject your faith. It’s between God and you how much separation is appropriate, but if you don’t worship outside the sponsorship of a government-permitted church, you are neglecting something essential to your soul.

Granted, you can’t compel anyone to join you. Start worshiping alone when and where it works for you, but at some point God is going to bring others alongside; that’s how He does things. You need to be ready.

So let me encourage you to develop your own rituals and do your best to echo what you see in the New Testament. I’ll give you a hint: New Testament church services started out pretty much like synagogue worship. There was singing and teaching, but there was also lively discussion. Preaching as a formal presentation is only for those few times when formalities are required. Those formal sessions were relatively rare in the New Testament church life, just as they would be in any synagogue. Worship is not performance art; you can use your best talents and skills, but that’s not the point.

As a prophet, I will tell you that we are entering a time when God will be asking His people to learn how to worship at home, or in private settings in houses, because the Beast is already lurking behind many governments. I am convinced that, here in the US, the church scene will become increasingly hostile to folks like me. At the same time, the fields of souls will be ripe for harvest, so we will need a way to nurture their faith.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Unchained Vision, Part 3

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I’ve gone to churches, one in particular, that was okay social-wise but practiced outright deceit in some things. I stopped going after that, obviously. I’m pretty easy-going and can fit in most anywhere that isn’t overly stuffy…I don’t mean liturgically stuffy, but just really uptight, straight-laced folks…but outright lying really rankles me. I imagine it would anyone who isn’t a sociopath.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    My efforts to break into church staff and clergy work exposed me to such a wide range and depth of corruption and deception that I despaired of ever finding a religious organization that was transparent and honest. Without fail, church staff would cling to that “we can’t tell the membership about this” kind of conspiracy mindset about some things. I got into trouble several times trying to organize ways to teach the membership so secrecy would be unnecessary.


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