Unchained Vision, Part 4

On the one hand, our greatest threat is The Cult [PDF]. On the other hand, the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly (2 Corinthians 10:2-6; Ephesians 6:10-13). Our tactics are not human, but are consistent with moral truth.

Once more: Some of you are called to engage what appears to be activism and direct political action. However, Christian Mysticism doesn’t take such action seriously in the sense of imagining that it is God’s work. If we do such things, it’s because we cannot do otherwise; it’s who we are in Christ. But the power to change this world is in the hands of God alone, and such change will be according to His inscrutable wisdom, not our human reason. God has a long term agenda for humanity, and He seldom shares the details of those plans with us unless we are in a position to understand what to do with that kind of revelation. Attempts to steer human behavior at large is blasphemous, but making your brothers and sisters aware of God’s work is a blessing.

And He has already revealed the moral shape of His plans; it’s part of His character woven into Creation. The heart-led way teaches us how to perceive that character directly, and teaches us what to expect so that the written Scripture makes sense to us. This is why we come to the understanding that the Beast of Revelation is a symbol, not a discrete entity. It’s why we look for the Antichrist as an influence, not a single human. It’s why I keep warning that The Cult is an avatar, not a literal group of people. Our moral grasp of what is happening before our eyes is best steered in terms of such anthropomorphisms. We can expect the results of The Cult’s influence to be the same as if it were a concrete entity, but we cannot fight it as a such.

Nor would you expect to accomplish much, as men measure accomplishment, if you embraced my antipathy for the modern State of Israel. I am asking you to be aware of the character of the thing so that you are not shaken by what you see Israel doing. Nothing we do here in the flesh will change the course of things one iota. However, there is much we can do in the moral power of God’s revelation to free human souls from the slavery to Satan’s lies. We participate in His revelation; we are His revelation because we incarnate Christ in our lives.

So whatever our human activities may be, our underlying purpose is to strip away the lies and shine the light of truth. The truth is that Israel is a manifestation of Satan’s agenda to keep the human race enslaved in moral darkness. In practical terms, Satan will see to it that most of the human race, at any given time, is consumed by the political agenda of Zionism. For those of you living here in the US, our entire national government is aligned with that agenda. The whole apparatus and system of government serves Zionist plans. It’s not “Jews,” but it’s The Cult.

But The Cult is working through real humans here, so any apparent internal conflict is a matter of competing teams striving to take the lead in how they will implement that damned agenda, particularly with an eye to who gets to profit the most personally from serving this agenda. There are multiple paths and plans, but one goal. Most of the people involved in US government are touting their own path, generally to the exclusion of competing paths. Most of those people are aligned on teams, but it’s a complex game of shifting alliances. However, the precious few government officials not serving the Zionist agenda are harshly marginalized, and thus will it ever be until the system itself comes apart — and it will most certainly do so in the near future.

The last thing we want to do is get entangled in goofy theories of how we might imagine ways to oppose this situation. It’s okay for you to sense a calling to infiltrate the existing plans and efforts on any team in this complex game, but you’d be a fool to take it seriously. Be faithful to your bosses and do a good job, but their plans don’t really matter except as the working context, the stage upon which we stand. What does matter is our shared calling to shed the light of truth on how fake is this thing people think they are doing. In our best performance and altruistic striving, we show how little it all matters. And by the same token, some of you will feel called to get as far as possible away from the whole thing. If that’s your holiness, do it. Seek your own individual peace with God. In the end, that’s all you can do.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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