Virtual Battlefield

There is no objective reality. There is only human experience and perception. The path of sanity for individuals and humanity as a whole is for perception to account for experience. It’s not a question of total accuracy because humanity is permanently flawed, but it’s a matter of acquaintance and friendship because experience is alive.

Of course, it is inevitable that each of us will have a certain amount of shared experience with other humans. The context of our experience and perception may bring us great numbers for this sharing, or we may find ourselves highly isolated, but there is of necessity someone somewhere who shares a substantial amount of experience and perception with each of us. On the other hand, there must also inevitably be some barriers, which places on us the burden of duty to reach across the natural human divide. However, your reaching must remain within the boundaries of your own experience and perception, for that is your divine calling. Your calling is to touch others with your experience.

That requires a willingness to step out from behind perception and work with it as a person, too. Experience and perception are not you. Without awakening that faculty for detachment, we are doomed. There can be no sanity or inner peace unless you can detach your true self from perception and experience.

Let me share a perception with you. You can get to know it if it appeals to you on some level, but it’s more important that you learn that detached awareness that has no dog in the fight.

For longer than a decade, I’ve had a strong prophetic sense about the social pendulum swinging rightward. It’s not just a matter of politics on the street, but it affects politics in virtual space, as well. As you know, the establishment has long oppressed the right, making every effort to silence any dissent against the leftist social agenda. The left has hijacked many parts of government, which means law, which means businesses tend to cave in to the leftist social agenda. Most compliance is frankly mercenary in spirit. It’s how one gets ahead.

Recently the oppression has gotten truly egregious. What most people don’t realize is that a truly progressive agenda kills economic activity. Up to a certain point, it makes no difference. But the political left has gone past that point and the rabble at the bottom have noticed. What the left cannot imagine is just how big the dissenting rabble is. And in the field of computer technology, the leftist leaders simply cannot imagine how big the resistance is. It’s not that this virtual rabble is truly right-wing, but it’s had way too much left-wing and is hitting back anywhere it hurts. It’s not a matter of political philosophy, but of countering senseless harassment and coercion.

Into this context comes the firing of James Damore from Google. Notice that he is rather mild about his dissent. He actually doesn’t qualify as a right-winger, just someone tired of the brutal left-fascist atmosphere at work. He’s had dozens of good job offers since being fired, so it’s not like he’s an actual threat to workplace cooperation.

And I’ve already noted on this blog the hypocrisy of Google and their bogus motto, “Don’t be evil.” This from a company started on CIA funding, whose search engine hides results they don’t want you to read, whose software intentionally ties the user’s hands and opens the door to aggressive advertising and snooping, etc. The hackers and geek rabble on the Net have long complained against Google’s rapacious behavior, so this public dispute with an employee will definitely fuel the fires of popular resistance.

But governments are no better than Google. Perhaps you read about the arrest of Marcus Hutchins recently. The linked BBC article notes just how flimsy is the evidence against him. I’m willing to bet Mr. Hutchins pissed off the wrong person and he was arrested for the sake vengeance. The government’s bureaucratic hive-mind is most certainly like that. It’s as if he were a proxy for Snowden, a victim of institutionalized visceral hatred for something the hive cannot control.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of white-hat hackers like Hutchins are pulling back from cooperation with government agencies out of fear they’ll be capriciously arrested simply because they know stuff. And those hackers already within government service are increasingly likely to leak for that very reason.

Keep your eye on the fiercely independent Open Source software folks. While many are some stripe of leftist, they are under siege and likely to fight back the only way they can. Already there are any number of tools and announced efforts to whack back at restrictions and anti-user policies. The harder the bigshots squeeze, the more this spreads the resistance. For example, with all the rhetoric about laws mandating backdoor access to encrypted communications, we see an explosion of folks voluntarily making more kinds of secure encryption that governments can’t break, and making it easier for ordinary folks to use, plus making it all free.

This is part of my prophetic vision about the rise of a Networked Civilization. This kind of oppression against those who hold the keys to the very existence of the Internet will cause a backlash that will help to destroy the decaying Western Civilization.

We need to find a way to exploit this conflict for the glory of God.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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