Radix Fidem Booklet 6

6. All Creation is alive. That is, in the sense of how we conceptualize and act in God’s Creation, we cannot get it right if we don’t see it as living and active in its own right. It is not passive and neutral, but has a distinct will and interest consistent with God’s revelation. It longs to see us living in faith. From the largest celestial objects down to the smallest individual subatomic particles and energy flows, the world around us celebrates with us when we desire holiness. Creation is not fallen; we are. The burden is on us to discover God’s provision. Only by embracing God’s moral character can we discern His intention in Creation.

The damnedest lie of Western Civilization is that most of the natural world around is either inert or lacking sentience. The Bible clearly takes seriously the idea of recognizing that Creation is alive, in whole and in part as we experience it. This is inherent in the Law Covenants. It is flatly asserted in some passages of Scripture. God commanded His prophets to speak to so-called “nonliving” objects as if they were alive, and Christ Himself gave commands to natural forces, commands He fully expected those elements to obey. It is a vile and pernicious prejudice of Westerners to assume it was merely for dramatic effect, or that it was some mythical power of words. The Creator breathed His own life into His Creation, and we blaspheme His name when we treat it as inferior.

The primary reason modern believers see so few miracles is because they cannot comprehend that everything around you is alive and unfallen. Mankind was placed within Creation as God’s stewards, so we remain responsible for guiding it. There is a certain inertia on Creation due to the effects of the Fall, but as we grow in our moral discernment of the Creator’s divine will, we will find the natural world increasingly responsive to those few of us who walk in true faith. Creation’s responses will tend to remain small and feeble until humanity as a whole begins to recover the divine truth that Creation is alive and willful.

This issue in particular requires that we pull our sense of awareness up into the heart. The intellect is not up to this task; the voice of God and the many voices of Creation can be discerned in the heart alone. We speak to Creation from the heart alone.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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