Keeping Track of Stuff

Contemplate the moral fabric with your heart. Consider the known history of humanity. It makes no difference what anyone suggests or promotes or agitates for, because the outcome is already in plain sight.

First, let’s describe what we are not seeing. I’ve already commented on the fracas at Charlottesville, Virginia. That was a show, the opening act of a big false flag. Some white heritage folks planned to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. Some of them were fakes, brought in on the same buses that ferried in the Antifa counter-protesters. Indeed, the guy who organized the whole protest was just months ago a lefty activist working for Obama. And if you read the reports, you know that the police were ordered to herd the white heritage group into the Antifas, and then stand back and let the violence flare. It was supposed to look like, and be reported as, a riot to kick off a campaign to remove all kinds of similar statues.

Notice that the Antifas are picking on an easily targeted fringe group, one that is mostly fake. Then they are conflating anyone who isn’t Antifa with their target. They’ve already attacked the dedicated liberal national news reporters and representatives of the left in general, same as anyone the least bit on the right. They have flatly stated that they are ready to trash the US Constitution and anything that resembles open debate. There will be no debate, only their violent protests against everyone they don’t like.

So, what are we seeing? A violent leftist group that ups the ante every week. They have already been caught throwing easily broken containers of human urine and excrement at police and everyone else. This is on top of throwing stones and using clubs and shields, along with all kinds of oddball melee weapons.

It’s possible that we will see a few more fake riots, but I think this is just practice for something bigger. What do you suppose will happen the next time the Antifas confront a more mainstream group? At what point do you suppose there will be gunfire? The mainstream right are known for concealed carry permits; Antifas are known for assault.

There is no public debate; there will be none. We are past that point. Violence and bloodshed has already started and there’s no going back. The activist left is now simply making non-negotiable demands. Elected politicians are now joining in the violent rhetoric. Meanwhile, to all appearances the Whitehouse agenda is about as chaotic as you could possibly imagine. So near as anyone can tell, Trump is by far the most incompetent President ever; he seems to have no sense at all how the system works. Worse, he has reneged on any plans to fight the system. The neocons run rampant and there is no pretense of restraint and thoughtful deliberation.

Oh, and there are all kinds of breaking points like the Debt Ceiling just a few weeks away. The chaos is like a raging plague in US government. This is part of the reality shift that makes everyone go nuts. It’s not an apocalypse, just the system breaking down. I’m hardly the only one who predicted it would be like this. However, I’m still convinced the Lord is watching over you and me, so we can focus on the mission of shining His glory into this chaotic darkness.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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