He Still Could…

Someone asked me what I imagine it would take for Trump to turn things around. Answer: he can’t.

It’s too late for him to restore his election agenda. That’s gone. The image of manly resolve that helped sweep him into office is a one-shot deal. When he let Flynn go, his public image as a strong leader was toast. Never mind whether Flynn actually did anything bad; a real leader protects his team. But Trump had already compromised with Wall Street banking moguls, so it was too late. Some of you may remember that, before the election, I prophesied Trump had made a dirty deal and was not what he claimed.

That said, had he kept some relevant portion of his promises, he could have still pushed ahead. I’m not privy to specific failures, but it’s readily apparent he did not come charging into the Oval Office with a strong enough team to clean house. He didn’t have a strong slate of people to put into all those critical quiet positions that would have prevented derailing his professed agenda. But again, I’m utterly convinced that was all compromised before the election.

Something could still be salvaged, but he has to do one thing: reconnect with the voters. He’s not doing that; he’s coming up short. Those rallies aren’t sufficient. He needs to start cutting good solid videos with professional production and appealing directly to the people who voted him into office. He already knows how to play to the cameras and the audience and script a good presentation. While it would be cool if he could get those videos on TV, just posting them to an account on YouTube would be sufficient. If he all he did was make YouTube videos, they would spread like wildfire and rekindle that link to the masses.

Without that, there is a vacuum to be filled in the public awareness. Someone else is going to steal his thunder. I’m not in a position to guess who could do that, but right now there’s no one taking advantage of the opening. All it takes is charisma and a nationalist fervor, and we would have a new President-in-effect. That’s what the people want.

Let me be clear: A nationalist agenda is required here. That’s burned into human nature and it’s what God has revealed as a proper approach. The hand of God is what’s stirring the nationalist fervor, so it’s folly to fight that. And given the mood of the times, it could be a mix of policy that is neither left nor right, but a combination of the two. That’s not the point; what matters is that the mood of the nation is fully anti-globalist, and increasingly anti-imperialist. Someone who had a plan to put America first and stop draining off what remains of our wealth and power in pointless foreign expeditions could take it all, official government system be damned.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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