There’s No Saving It

The distinction between the political left and right is quite real in the minds of most Americans. It’s the structure of how the average resident of the US sees their world. Even if they consider themselves centrist, it’s a reference to the two extremes. There is a very real sharp divide that is now running out of control, but the myth of the right-left political scale is all very convenient for the plutocrats seeking to continue the plundering.

The only reason for seeking to preserve the nation as a political entity is for the sake of plunder.

A lot of smart analysts have been pointing out the very real divide for decades. In one sense, our Civil War never ended; it was an armistice at best. There were glimpses of that sectarian conflict here and there, now and then, ever since that awful messy war. So we should not be surprised that we are seeing it again now. I’m utterly convinced that this time is different, in that this is the end of America itself.

This is something I wish everyone could see: There simply is no possibility of patching this up. It’s like Humpty Dumpty the egg. All the force in the world will not put this back together again. It’s done. So any verbal pretense of debate and moving forward is sheer propaganda, a flat out lie. The only valid question is who will live where. It’s time to settle the boundaries of this very natural division. Whatever we might have been in the past, America is gone.

It is only false a dream that keeps us all locked together. I’ve already pointed out the globalists and imperialists are determined to keep it all together as the power base from which they plan to force their vision on the rest of the world. The problem with that is God is reviving nationalism. Defying God is not a wise approach to anything; that’s what went wrong with the Tower of Babel.

Again, nationalism does not depend on either left or right, but generally combines the two in what looks like a mixed approach. The false left-right divide now ceases to function as a fake structure to keep America together. America is polarized and it’s already come to bloodshed. It’s a pretty confused mess, because the left is actually just a false front for the globalists. We don’t have a genuine political-economic left in the US, but we do have an utterly implacable social left — Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). Lacking a good philosophical grounding, the SJWs are just cannon fodder for the globalists.

And that has left globalists with no choice except to turn SJWs into violent radicals with the most shallow of plans and tactics. It only appears to be working, but it will continue for quite some time because nationalists are loathe to do what it takes to shut it all down. When the leaders of Antifa and BLM start turning up murdered, you’ll know that the nationalists have awoken to the reality of things. Until then, riots and destruction will continue, and the majority of the nation will suffer.

Some have accused the “right” of being poorly organized. That’s by design; the imperialists have been using them for decades. The gut instinct of nationalism has no representation among the plutocrats. The closest we come is imperialist neocons who have done their best to confuse nationalistic fervor with imperialist designs. There’s a similar pattern on both sides of the two party system. The Democrats have never allowed genuine communists and socialists to rise in the ranks; so the Republicans have never allowed nationalists to gain any real authority. It’s not just the egregiously unfair manipulation of conventions, but outright murder of effective rebels have been covered up in both parties.

At some point the nationalists are going to learn that there can be no moral high ground in Western politics, and will discard the pretense. They may never succeed in organizing in the same sense as the neocon Republicans and globalist Democrats, but we should expect to see some genuine efforts to change the situation. The problem is that the nationalists will wait until it is too late to save the nation. Instead, they will destroy it simply because nothing else is left; there will be no other way to stop a far greater evil at the hands of the current plutocrats.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to There’s No Saving It

  1. forrealone says:

    It is such a shame that the truth cannot be laid nakedly open for all Americans to see. But we have been blinded by false precepts since the beginning. Each side of any protest or confrontation is already full of animosity towards one another especially with the help of all of the “guests” that always appear to ensure violence. When the police step in, that animosity is enhanced by the disdain for authority on both sides. The whole scenario is a match that lights the fire. I cannot fathom with any understanding at all how it is that most Americans are so blind. It’s not that they are naive or ignorant. That would be an excuse or a reason for the behavior. Instead they just don’t care enough or consider it important enough to really look at what is going on and see it for what it is. Regardless of whether any of those in control win, everybody will lose. It saddens me. I’m so grateful that I have been able to extricate myself from this madness and choose instead to just look away. Away from all of that. I choose to turn my head and look at Father and His Creation that is all around me every single day without fail. In that I trust. In that I draw my strength.


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