Unraveling Some Threads of Folly

There’s a long-running cult in Anglo-American history, much bigger than any single group. There is a core of belief that the Anglo-Saxons, among other Germanic tribes, are God’s Chosen. How that moved from Israel to Anglo-Saxons varies among these groups. Some of the legends include the Stone of Scone as Jacob’s pillow (Genesis 28) from the site of his dream of a stairway/ladder to heaven. There’s also the legend that some portion of the original Hebrew people migrated up into the Caucasus region and then farther north and west. There’s the legend that Peter traveled to England and founded the Anglican Church. One of the craziest notions is that the King James Version of the Bible corrects the ancient manuscripts behind the common canon of Scripture.

That last one is the teaching of Peter Ruckman. Some other labels you can associate with this is Christian Identity, Stormfront, various Nazi revival movements, the Ku Klux Klan, and British Israelism. Some of those groups argue a lot with each other over various details, but they all agree on the notion that somehow Anglo-Saxons (and their relatives) are God’s Chosen race today. It reduces holiness to DNA plus some peculiar customs. It sounds an awful lot like they hijacked the False Messianic Expectations of Jewish mythology. Instead of calling other folks “Gentiles” they use terms like “mud races” — and it has nothing to do with vehicles, horses or competitive athletics.

This broader cult is the hidden substrate behind the likes of Jack T. Chick Publications. In general terms, it backs the basic assumption that Anglo-American culture is the highest and purest expression of God’s will for mankind. This is the excuse for all kinds of mischief worldwide. It lies behind various efforts to compel the rest of the world to adopt Western democratic political customs. It’s not enough to simply argue via logic and reason that this or that is better, but the a priori assumption that whatever it is America wants is the command of God.

On another note, I get awfully tired of folks talking as if God is somehow singling out the victims of natural disasters. Houston was a swampy bayou before European settlers came along. It was notorious for hurricanes from prehistoric times. Building a major metropolis there was asking for trouble. God gave us a heart to guide our choices. We can commune with nature and know what kind of risks we take building in one place or another. The real problem is people holding forth expectations to which God most certainly didn’t agree.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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