Vision of the Ages in the Current Context

It’s ancient; there’s nothing new about it.

How many of you have given attention to the Gospel accounts of the lynch mob whipped up by the Sanhedrin to demand Jesus’ crucifixion? Whenever the evil establishment is threatened by loss of their position, they whip up a crowd of thugs.

You can read for yourself how the current mob of thugs is being whipped into a frenzy. That link is to a whole library of brainwashing material designed to create rowdy rioters. The stated purpose is generating a mass of activists who are totally ungovernable. They are quite right in that a tiny minority can ruin it for everyone. By extension, the idea is to make the nation as a whole ungovernable.

And to what purpose? Who is doing this and what do they hope to gain? Today’s globalists stand in the place of the Sanhedrin. Jesus healed thousands because the moral disorder provoked all kinds of trouble, magnifying mere human tyranny. What kind of nightmare world do globalists plan for us? It would be an Armageddon, an apocalyptic nightmare of strict thought control as the means to control of resources. It’s Animal Farm and the pigs want to rule under the guise of fake egalitarianism. The globalist Utopia would be hell on earth, largely because Creation militates against the moral horror of it all. We were headed that way until God changed the situation.

Don’t get me wrong — the current leftist violence is not a simple matter of Trump, who is by no means any kind of symbol for our Savior. Trump is the figurehead, a manifestation of the natural human instinct for nationalism. That human instinct comes from Creation and the Spirit of God. If the Antifas should drive Trump from office, the agitation would continue against Pence and anyone else who isn’t on board the globalist train. The real sacrificial lamb here is anyone who responds to the call of God for nationalism.

Trump himself lied to everyone about his intentions in office; he’s an imperialist neocon in effect. It’s true he needs to go, but not in the way, reasons and methods espoused by the Antifas. Rather, the system that provides his position is what needs to go. We want to see it removed so that the Antifas can’t hijack it for their globalist dreams. It’s a bad system, a tempting power to oppress the whole world. It doesn’t matter whose hands are on the levers; the levers do the wrong things. The system hinders God’s revealed plan for human government in this fallen world.

It’s our good fortune that the whole thing is already coming apart. God is doing it Himself. Our part requires no active effort to fight against the structure. All we really have to do in those terms is work quite gently, to strive to live by Biblical Law of compassion against a crumbling nightmare of oppression. It’s not main force that breaks concrete with tools and explosives — that stuff we leave to God. But we are the slow drip of water dissolving it, and the gentle nudging of plant life growing in the cracks and breaking it apart. We have all the time in the world, because that’s how God does things on our level. Human efforts eventually fail and make a way for natural forces to take over and reclaim things.

That’s how God’s will works in us. It’s not blasting big holes in things; it’s letting the inherent weakness of human endeavor break it all down. Ours is the true multi-generational aspiration to pull back towards the Design of God. We don’t expect to win today or tomorrow; we don’t expect to “win” at all in any sense that human reason recognizes. Our victory is simply learning to conform to what God has been doing all along. It’s process, not results.

Compassion and mercy build up people and destroy the system at the same time.

So the most activist thing we do is inform and help reshape the human thoughts. We want to move human perception back toward the reality of human experience. We need to wash away the madness of ignoring what we all encounter in God’s hands. We must learn to celebrate how it’s different for each of us in terms of what we are most likely to notice, and focus instead on the underlying moral force that holds it all together.

God’s plan is to crush the globalist dreams. Right behind that He will hammer their allies, the imperialists. No, their ideas won’t simply go away, but the system they planned on using will be too badly broken to serve. God is destroying the system here. The globalists and imperialists will suffer loss because they are too tightly bound up in that system. He’s going to destroy it by poking at the coals of nationalism until they blaze brightly and burn the whole thing down. Most of the people involved in bringing that destruction will have no idea what they are doing; it won’t be what they imagine.

We have been granted a clear vision of these things. Our Lord is offering us a chance to meaningfully participate in that destruction, in the sense that we can support and aid any nationalist sentiment. Look for ways to restore decentralized control; that’s God’s work. This is the right way to live. This is what all the Law Covenants point to, and it’s the same patient love that characterizes the way Christ worked on the earth in the tension between the raging of fallen nature and His Father’s compassion. In this case, His compassion is the inevitable destruction of a system that enables tyranny. No need to worry about what’s on the other side of this; that’s also in God’s hands.

Yes, this is as ancient as humanity itself.

Addenda: From an interesting article by Larry Chin:

What is taking place is not simple protests from supporters of a losing political faction, but a domestic terrorism operation planned and executed by the establishment majority — supported by neoliberals as well as neoconservative Republicans — in defense of their system against perceived existential threat from anti-establishment movements. Mob violence has always been a weapon of the oligarchy. It was inaccurate and tactically stupid for Trump to call this insurrection “Alt-Left”. It is in fact a mainstream establishment operation, which uses “left”, “progressive” and antifa symbols to pursue its political objectives.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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