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Bible Study Break

It feels rather odd. For some years now I’ve worshiped at home. As part of my routine of life, every Saturday was a prep day, in which I would study another chapter of the Bible for the message the next … Continue reading

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Liberty Is Death

“Few Men desire Liberty; most Men only wish for a just master.” Sallust You are supposed to read that and ponder how wonderful it would be, how morally necessary it is, to pursue liberty. But genuine liberty is a major … Continue reading

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The Cultural Value of Life

Some things are instinctive to us humans in the sense that, for the average Joe and Jane, the heart cannot be totally silenced. It takes a lot of damage and willful spite to become totally deaf to it, and it’s … Continue reading

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They Will Always Be There

Christine is still exploring the heart-led path with her fourth installment. She mentions in passing something that was poking at me all day. A prominent feature of Western mythology is taking oneself too seriously. You aren’t supposed to notice the … Continue reading

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Civil Religion and Entertainment

I thought I could avoid it, but someone wants me to address the noise about Trump, the NFL and the National Anthem. Look, on the one hand we have a bunch of spoiled, entitled entertainers who think they really matter … Continue reading

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Still Juicy and Sweet

Christine is on a roll; her third installment in the series on understanding the heart-led way discusses gates and filters in our human perception. I would reinforce her statement that such things are simply a part of us, but that … Continue reading

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A Spoonfull of Crow

I have to confess I didn’t do it right, and I regret my mistake. The other day my wife and I were at Walmart. A rather large older man approached me. In his hand was visible one of those cheap … Continue reading

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