Importing the Other Blog

I’m moving all the posts from Kiln blog to this one. It’s called “importing” the other blog. I’ve read the instructions and walked through the process. I guess it may be not be all that simple, because I was advised it may take up to 24 hours. (Edit: It’s imported and everything is fine.) At any rate, once it’s up and the content shows up here, I’ll remove the blog software from the other site and all that we’ll have left there is the static site and library. Then I’ll have to go back through this blog and fix all the links to what was once the Kiln blog so that they point to local posts here. I am thinking about killing all the posts here that did nothing more than link back to those posts.

The problem is that WordPress keeps getting fatter and fatter and it’s taking up almost the entire alloted space on the server. I’d rather use the space for document storage and email. Further, for at least the past six months, I’ve not been able to get in touch with the guy who owns the server. We had planned to migrate from WordPress to some software he wrote, but nothing happened and he doesn’t answer email. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s changed career tracks now the server is just a hobby. Still, I may end up having to find another place to host if this keeps up.

On the other hand…

Look, I’m not eager to discuss this, but it’s been jangling in my soul for the past couple of days. I’m on edge from my heart; something strange is about to happen and I’ve felt the urge to prepare for some kind of big surprise. It’s as if I need to stay on my toes and think fast for emergencies. The only concrete idea I can point to is maybe a banking crisis or something equivalent, because the urge has been to buy just a few canned goods — not a huge stock, just enough for a week or two beyond my usual grocery supplies. I hope I’m wrong.

So I suspect that some bigger things will change. I have no idea whether it applies to any of you, dear readers, but this is what I’m doing. As you surely know, it’s not a matter of fear for my household; I’ve survived several disasters in the past and I’ve worked in disaster response. Your heart always knows what to do, but there’s no point in having a prophetic gift if you ignore the messages. It’s possible that whatever is coming will mean so many changes that I’ll have to lose the domain and try to find some other way to host that content.

Pray with me, because I’d rather be crazy than right about all of this.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Importing the Other Blog

  1. forrealone says:

    Hi. First, having your site hosted by a hobbyist may not be that good of an idea. Been there, done that. Second, I sense the same feeling. Not dread, because I am not afraid nor unprepared. But a sense of concern out of compassion for those who will pay in whatever the cost might be……. Third, so obviously you aren’t crazy or, on the other hand, maybe we both are! Ha Ha


  2. That would make three of us in the padded room. Yesterday, especially, and to a lesser degree today, a real sense of .. something’s up somewhere.

    Good idea to keep everything together Ed. I’m considering doing the same with my blogs again.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Christine. Yeah, something’s up and it’s just a bit nerve wracking, as it should be for a shepherd watching over the sheep.

    As to consolidating services: To be specific, I split it off last year because I was convinced we were headed for an apocalypse. That’s now not happening, so it changes the calculus on just about everything. One has to evaluate whether (1) the service is likely to survive turmoil and (2) can you tolerate the issues that come with it. I’m pretty sure WordPress (owned by Automattic) will survive and I’ve already proved I like their ways. While I don’t at all like Google’s ways, they are even more likely to survive. So now I have to decide whether I can slice and dice my dealings with Google and use the G Suite without encountering things I can’t tolerate.


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