Nothing Less Will Do

No compromise: The nature of The Fall was enthroning human reason over the superior moral wisdom of the heart-mind. The Curse of the Fall is so deeply ingrained that we struggle to find words to explain it. Casual readers are quite likely to miss the meaning of “heart-led” as a distinct shift in human psychology. And yet, we must stand firm that the one thing most critical to human redemption is to shift the core of our awareness into the heart and make the brain its servant.

Redemption is not a change of mind; it is not belief and right thinking. Redemption is elevating the heart over the mind. That’s just the starting point, but it is utterly essential. It is so essential that we make it a fundamental point in religion.

Not in the sense that you can’t get to Heaven without it, but our point is that you cannot possibly understand divine revelation any other way. You don’t have a clue what God has said unless you process His Word through your heart-mind. It’s not addressed to the intellect, but to the heart. You don’t know what religion is for, and you cannot understand God, until you allow your heart to rule over your head. You can’t claim to have faith otherwise.

This is so utterly critical to life in this world that we place it ahead of every other human need. Perhaps not so much in chronological order of what offer to others, but in we place this heart-led thing above life itself in terms of priority. We place it above all human life. This is the mandate from God; the consequences are His problem. If we know that bringing out this message means billions will die, it doesn’t change our resolve. It’s just very sad that billions of lives are founded on a lie.

That’s a tall order. But we assert this is God’s own design and plan that we spread this truth. It’s the gospel message itself. Sure, call on the name of Jesus Christ and all that comes with it, but if you don’t start from the heart-led assumptions, there is no gospel message. It’s inherent in the whole message of the Bible; it’s part of whatever Jesus meant by the term “born again.” There is no valid claim to the label “Christian” if you don’t start with the heart-led way. Without it, Jesus is just a minor footnote in history.

Accept no substitutes.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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