Nightmares Dissipate in the Light of Dawn

The intellect is a very ill-equipped master. It is incapable of doing it well because it wasn’t designed for that.

One of the blessings of the heart ruling over the mind is that the mind can then relax and consider things on multiple levels. We are permitted in the heart to see the very true nature of things from a moral perspective, to grasp the true essence of something as God sees it. Thus, we are not obliged to seek scientism or faux objectivity to bounce ideas off of our heart-led moral reality. Moral truth imparts a genuine objectivity in this world, because we have no vested interest in the outcomes.

Convictions work much like instinct; once you get used to listening to that voice, you realize you already know the answers. Not in terms of absolutes, but the answers you need for your life. You’ll get better at making sense of those answers when you start trusting them on a personal scale, acting as if they were true before you have a chance to test them out. That’s inherent in the meaning of faith.

Let me demonstrate. On the one hand, we all know that America is one of the biggest bullies in human history. Americans have been conditioned to believe that our way is the only reasonable way there is. We are convinced that, if the rest of the world would just sit down and listen to reason, they’d never argue with our foreign policy. The only possible reason they can disagree is if they are stupid, and perhaps evil. This pervades what passes for American diplomacy and is most certainly behind all of our espionage. “What’s good for America is good for the world. There is no higher blessing for all of humanity than for America to prosper.”

You and I can see quite clearly that this is just a lie of Satan. But what makes this doubly evil is that America does such a crappy job of it all. Part of it is the lack of unified vision among the plutocrats who actually make the decisions. It causes them to divide against each other in very important ways. They are missing the moral clarity to succeed at their plots; they are utterly lacking in evil genius.

Let me cite a current example: Afghanistan. There are multiple goals at work in America’s involvement there. One is to keep the military-industrial complex fat and powerful. Another is the lust for their natural resources. There is a poor level of cooperation between those two agendas. That is, they haven’t fully thought through how they could both maximize the outcomes. They compete for what they see as a pie too small instead of working together to bake a bigger pie. There are other agendas at work, but let’s put them aside for a moment and limit the discussion.

My point is that invading and occupying is not enough to succeed at making this pie bigger. It’s pissing away resources with no real return. What’s missing? Colonization. The only way to truly subject Afghanistan to American will is doing to them the same thing we did to Native Americans. You’ll notice how well it’s working with Israel and Palestine. There’s tension and bloodshed, but in the long run the Palestinians are losing. An unabashed colonizing policy is Israel’s only hope of retaking all the land once held by Ancient Israel. Brutal, but it works. In the same way, it’s not enough to have troops there in Afghanistan building up little American cities. It needs a hefty and growing presence of American civilians Americanizing the whole place.

Yes, it would be enough to overcome Islamic extremism. That extremism is a creature of our espionage, and without our support, it would die. If we actually wanted to control that country, we could dissolve the Taliban in a few weeks. And a colonized Afghanistan would yield up far greater treasures, far more quickly, than anything else we’ve tried so far. To be honest, even the globalists would be happy with the long term results. Once colonized and pacified, it would be a perfect candidate for adding to their imaginary borderless world.

In other words, too many competing agendas are too impatient to seize their goal before the fruit is ripe. You can see why I am convinced that uber-intelligent conspiracies don’t exist. Nobody exhibits the kind of overwhelming wisdom and success that results in lasting dynasties of very real control. It has never been easier to create such committed and skillful ruling dynasties, and it has never been less likely to happen.

Mind you, I’m not actually recommending colonization of Afghanistan. God knows — it would breathe fresh life and vitality back into the Anglo-American culture. Colonists are a special breed of people — the quintessence of Germanic tribal nations — who keep such things alive. I’m quite certain there would be a sufficient number of volunteers if this thing was sold properly. We’ve seen that done before. But I’d hate to see the nastiest part of Western Civilization living any longer and prospering. It’s just that it’s not hard to see how impossible a genuine global conquest would be. The kind of moral failure that makes people dream of global conquest is the same failure that ensures they lack the wisdom to carry it out.

Let your nightmares fade away like the morning fog of a warm and sunny day.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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