Glory in Context

In our world today, the most powerful tool of oppression is preclusion. If someone can prevent your awareness of what’s actually going on, it’s much easier to keep you enslaved. This is the root of Satan’s work.

This is why I keep ranting and raving about the heart-led mind. This business of preclusion is especially evident in Western Civilization, once you become aware of how the West is so very different from other civilizations. Even if you lack the depth of education to prepare your mind for the task, your heart can still lead you to the right place. So the anchoring point is always the heart-led way. If we can propagate that throughout the human race, we can afford to let everything else take its natural course. In due time, the heart will arrive at God’s truth.

But for those who sense a calling to examine such things, our hearts will permit us to understand how this preclusion works so that we can attack it at every point. God gave us minds to organize and implement His call to glory in our hearts. We can recognize moral blindness and shine the light of truth right where it’s needed.

This is why I rant and rave about reality being variable. There’s a powerful advantage here in sounding so wacky to the rest of the world: We aren’t on their threat radar.

Maybe this article is too long to read for some of you. I’ll share what I find pertinent here. The author is Philip Giraldi, a former CIA agent who now devotes his time to explaining the mind-twisting propaganda techniques of various governments, including the US government. I seem to recall he once suggested that we take him with a grain of salt simply on the principle that his own thinking may have been poisoned by his previous career. It’s part of a basic teaching of mysticism: You can’t trust any human, not even yourself. I believe he encourages people to think independently.

That’s the core of countering propaganda, which propaganda is a primary manifestation of Satan’s work today. In the linked article, Giraldi points out how large technology companies and governments seek to control what people think by limiting what they can access on the Net. Part of that game is limiting what people can say on the Net, a form of censorship.

The left-leaning side that lost in recent US elections would like us to believe that the vast majority of American people are not against their message. It only seems that way because of some imaginary overwhelming propaganda. They paint the image of a mass of fake personas on various social media sites during the election campaign, that their lefty message was washed out by a flood of evil nationalism. It’s as if there was a highly inflated virtual population explosion of righties clamoring for someone — anyone but the only good candidates. Surely there can’t really be that many Americans actually against their sacred lefty agenda!

So because the lefties failed, the big social media outfits are taking the blame in the sense of pushing out all these new efforts to prevent it happening again. There is a concerted attack all across the Internet industry to censor the nationalist message. The left already controls old media; they are struggling to seize control of the new media. The big social media sites are geared up to block anyone sharing a non-lefty message. Malware is planted on the computers of key nationalist figures to track their efforts and find new ways to block or garble their message. And the companies that control the registration process for simply holding a domain name are getting involved to keep nationalist operations from even being on the Net in the first place.

So far, I’ve been unhindered. The reasons should be obvious: My audience is too small and my message is too far outside the sphere of their concerns. I’m not an ally of their targets; I castigate folks like Giraldi for a Western bias in the first place. I do support nationalism itself, but not the brand of nationalism that appears in most public forums.

And I support the idea of anyone — hard-core supporters of Western Civilization on both left and right, globalists and imperialists along with nationalists of every flavor — having free access to the Net. To me it’s far more than just a public accommodation, because I don’t want it regulated at all. There is no good way to do this with fallen humans; there simply aren’t enough people out there willing to suspend their personal biases to guarantee open access to everyone. No one’s hands are clean, but the net influence of technology geeks worldwide has been rather benign, and that includes the people who influence the way technology and protocols develop. I’ll continue to promote that guarded sense of trust; it works better than the alternatives.

Meanwhile, we all know that concentrations of money and power will reliably seek oppressive control. For now, at least, there can be no Internet infrastructure without concentrations of wealth and power. The technology takes large amounts of money to lay cables and run the machinery; the backbone of the Internet is not democratic at all. At least, not yet. There has been an ongoing search for ways to network without that kind of heavy investment, but we aren’t there yet. We have to live with the tension between those who control the virtual side and those who control the physical side.

I’m doing my best to keep an eye on this stuff, trying to find the sweet spot of balance between ideals and reality. I hope you won’t hold me accountable for the way the target moves dramatically and quickly. Today’s wise technology advice becomes stale quickly. The image of stability in choices has small place in the technology world. I research daily for ways to fight the preclusion of His divine revelation. This is my calling and my mission to exploit the current context for the glory of my Lord.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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