Status Report and Parable

We know everything, but we aren’t fully conscious of all of it yet. That’s how it works when you discover the heart-led way. You realize that your convictions have all the answers to every question you’ll ever confront, but there are two limiting factors in our mental awareness. One is that we haven’t yet bumped into everything we will ever experience. Two is that we have so very much to unlearn, making room for what we should have.

The unlearning ends up being the biggest task for those of us raised in a Western society. Here’s a parable: It’s all a mapping exercise. Western biases draw hard boundaries on the map and flat out lie about what’s beyond those boundaries. Most people never even come close to those areas of life. They are distracted by all the false demands and distractions of materialism. If you discover the heart, first as a sensory organ in its own right, then as a separate level of awareness, you immediately sense a drive to go out into those boundary areas. That’s when you discover that all the most beautiful and useful lands lie out there beyond the artificial borders.

For those who need to escape the Western confinement, I feel confident that we’ve marked out places you can and should explore. There is much yet to explore, simply because no two of us will find exactly the same thing. But the biggest task here was starting the exploration and drawing it on the common map of perception. This online community of faith has established a home in the borderlands; the rest is up to you as individuals.

Our focus is not on teaching people what they should find, but how to navigate and live out there in the wilds. For example, we talk about the ruins left by previous occupants, the ancient cultures that once thrived out there. Their great buildings haven’t fallen down, but they’ve been partially covered by drifting sand and are overgrown with foliage from disuse. It’s unlikely we’ll ever completely understand how they used their structures, but there’s nothing hindering us from finding our own uses. Still, we need to spend some time poking around and using them.

I can’t safely take that mapping parable much farther, though. My point is that anyone trying to rediscover the lost ways of genuine miraculous faith can share only so much before it requires you either start exercising your own, or lose interest.

Though I run this blog, there have been some rich contributions from others in the content here. If not in direct comments and links to their own blogs, then the content of what I have posted has been deeply affected by their assistance in trying to explore things hidden from us all. That’s the way it works; nobody’s leading you anywhere — you have to decide to walk alongside on your own. We aren’t going to offer you a bridle. We’ll try to help you take off the constraints others have put on you.

The nine or so years of writing on this blog indicate I’ve moved a very long way in my journey. By no means have I somehow arrived at my final destination. However, my prophetic sense tells me there won’t be any new shocking discoveries reported to you here in the future. What’s left for me is to explore those already exposed. I do sense that I will be entering a time of learning how to use what I’ve discovered, and the direction of this blog will be more about sharing those experiences. The last thing in the world I want is to see your future constrained by my past, so I’ll keep reminding you that all I’m doing is telling my own story. I’m trying to teach you how to tell your story, how to go about having a story.

I’ll echo Paul’s call, encouraging you to seek the prophetic gift (1 Corinthians 14:5) more than any other manifestation of divine Presence in you. It’s the gift of our time, and something fundamental to the nature of moral discernment. You can see what’s coming in moral terms because it’s a natural part of seeing the moral truth in the current context. It’s just a natural part of His Holy Spirit dwelling in you. It’s how you “know” in terms of conviction what He requires of you next.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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