The Path of Resistance

Without a shred of doubt or shame, I assert that there is no God but Jehovah. He is the Creator and Lord of all things. Further, the only accurate portrayal of Him comes through the Bible. The people and culture behind the Bible were created by God as His one means of revelation. Every other tradition and culture of humanity on this planet is, in varying degrees, a less accurate portrayal of His truth.

That’s not to say they have no value in clarifying His truth, or that people cannot come from those cultures, or pass through them, and not find God. All truth is God’s truth. He is able to draw those who seek Him anywhere and under any context. But the Hebrew people were the one chosen nation raised up by God as His personal family. They eventually abandoned all of that, but it was theirs first. The Bible says they were the one and only people of God despite themselves. The final end of that long history of revelation was God’s Son, Jesus Christ. You cannot pretend any knowledge or understanding of Christ without His personal Hebrew heritage.

Should it be that the only education you get in this life covers the Bible and its Hebrew background, you have done enough. There’s nothing wrong with studying any and all other cultures and traditions and religions of mankind, but you must never forget that they are all judged and evaluated from the grounds of Biblical truth. Furthermore, all pretense to science and objective study of reality must first bow the knee to Christ or it is damned. Nothing mankind could discover about the universe will mean a thing until it is morally discerned by Christ’s gospel truth.

Do you realize that this is the core tenet of Christian Mysticism?

Mysticism is the assertion that ultimate reality rests above sensory data and reason. You cannot claim to really know what is via intellect alone, much less can you claim to know what matters. The only way any person can approach the ultimate questions of living is to encounter the Divine personally. That is the starting point. Nothing else matters until you go there first.

You can be sure that the entire range of Western Civilization, despite the occasional twinkle of good morality here and there, is inherently dark and evil at its core. You can tell me you love it, but it’s damned. The West is the child of dying Greco-Roman Civilization and the invading hordes of uncivilized Germanic tribes sacking what was left of it. Both were inherently pagan in nature. Whatever either of the two branches of the Roman Church might claim, both were deeply corrupted by Greek and Roman pagan influences to the point that the Hebrew Christ disowns them both. They quickly drifted far from the Hebrew mystical roots of Christian faith. It’s not a question of them being evil, just stupid. Once they compromised even further with the pagan Germanic tribes, all was lost.

It’s no different from militant Islam, Buddhism or Communism — it’s just another cultural influence seeking to impose a milieu of life on others. All of them are in opposition to Biblical Law.

Those two branches of the organized Christian Church take their place alongside the secular governments in history. They are simply another brand of human oppression, defying Biblical Law regarding the fundamental structure of valid human organization. They have consistently hindered the true gospel and the true Kingdom of Heaven. The Roman and Orthodox Churches are mere reflections of pagan cultural habits and practices. But like every secular political structure dreamed up by mankind, God uses them to herd the human cattle who deny His divine call on their lives. Further, all the various sects of organized Christian religion that broke out of those two churches never really left their fundamental sins of clinging to some pagan culture or another and painting Bible verses over it.

And quite unlike all of those churches and sects, we refuse to get involved in anything resembling a campaign to remake the world into our image of perfection. We don’t have an image of perfection in those terms; Christian Mysticism denies the existence of such a thing. In accordance with Christ’s teaching, we play along with secular authorities, including those organized political influences that call themselves “church.” Our mission is to infiltrate and demonstrate the truth by how we live and speak. We each have our individual calling from God, our own unique set of gifts and talents, our own means and methods, our own locations and organizations as mission fields, but we all have the calling to go amongst the rest of the humans on this planet and live Christ’s gospel message.

As we deal with the various human organizational structures, we have to keep in mind the heart-led truth that all of them are damned. There is no good side to any dispute or debate. There is only the one good answer from the Bible versus everything else. They have all uniformly rejected Biblical Law, so the best we can hope for is to find threads of human activity that begin to approach the truth. You can safely embrace those things to the degree they approach Biblical Law, but you must recognize that you will never likely find a real home on this planet. Perhaps for brief moments of your time in the company of unfallen Creation in nature, or with other heart-led believers acting under Biblical Law, you can rest your weary soul, but then you have to return to the pagan world of oppression and carry on the mission of divine witness.

This is what we mean by disentanglement from this world (my third pillar of mysticism). Christian Mysticism is inherently otherworldly because this world is hostile to God’s Word. The term “this world” is a code-phrase meaning those who live under the Curse of the Fall. The path back to Eden is resistance to this world while living in it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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