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Sermon on the Mount 4

Matthew 5:21-26 — The Forgotten Treasure The Sermon on the Mount explains repentance and renewing the Covenant in anticipation of the Messiah coming. In this passage, Jesus repeatedly refers to “your brother” as a reference to your covenant kinfolk. It’s … Continue reading

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No Good Politics

In response to a query… I should have thought this was obvious by now: Jesus was neither conservative nor liberal in the context of His own day. In both religious and political terms, the Pharisees were the dominant conservatives. The … Continue reading

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Feudal, Covenantal, Personal and Contextual

Creation is alive, sentient and willful. I could as easily use the noun “reality” and it still fits. We could say the same with Biblical Law, because it is synonymous with “the Word of God” and “the will of God.” … Continue reading

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