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…And Furthermore

This continues the previous post. Patriarchy is written into human DNA. As long as there are X and Y chromosomes, and their presence results in physiological differences, nothing on this earth can change masculine dominance. It exists when it is … Continue reading

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Discerning the Real Problems

I’ve gotten some questions that indicate a need to paint a clearer image on a few things. As noted in my recent “God’s Law” series, Biblical Law recognizes two kinds of government — imperial and national. But the latter is … Continue reading

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Photography: A Pleasant Surprise

First, let me note that the laptop fund has received $100 already. We give thanks. Today’s ride was seeking an appropriate place to pray about that laptop. This first shot was the view from my prayer chapel of the day. … Continue reading

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Aging and Fitness Failures

This is just a minor note on what I’m dealing with. Maybe there’s a lesson in here for you or someone you know. My right shoulder has bothered me my whole life. As a kid, I often wondered why it … Continue reading

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Guarding What Was Entrusted to Our Stewardship

Thus far in our study of the Sermon on the Mount, we’ve already come across a trio of statements by Jesus often misquoted in English to pervert His teaching. We have His words about making peace, about turning the other … Continue reading

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Donation Box Is Open

I’m only going to post this once: I’m praying for donations toward the new laptop. The goal is $1100. If you do PayPal, click the donation page tab above. Otherwise, I’ll be glad to share my mailing address via email, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes Open 2

It’s plain as day to anyone with half of a brain. The current system of government and economics in the US is completely dependent on a particular culture. That culture was derived from the Enlightenment. That culture must dominate the … Continue reading

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