Stir Up the Gift

Just a reminder: Prophecy doesn’t work the way most Westerners think it should. That’s why we have thousands of very real prophets who get no attention, and may well be deeply confused themselves. Meanwhile, Westerners keep chasing after a whole raft of shysters who attempt to offer some measure of what Westerners demand. Most published prophecies today are just fictional entertainment. A genuine prophetic gift should result in few surprises among the faithful; it’s only the sinners who are shocked by real prophecies.

A prophet becomes credible among those who are heart-led, because the prophetic messages resonate with the Holy Spirit living inside of them. To an outsider, it’s no different from wishful thinking, with maybe the rush of herd instinct. A critical element in divine revelation is plausible deniability. God does not compel belief; you are free to argue with Him until that final moment when His wrath falls. He drives conviction through your heart; it’s up to you to voluntarily submit your mind to the supremacy of His divine Presence in your heart. If His love does not draw you, then nothing will.

So was I the only one among us who knew this would be a rough week for America? I think not. Had I felt led to share that as a prophetic warning with you here on this blog, many of you would have recognized the truth of it. Your hearts have sniffed the moral winds already; you might not have been able to form the words for whatever reason, but you knew it without me telling you. To the degree I have any talent, it’s not in the prophetic visions, but in God’s calling on me to give such things a bit of verbal shape. Whatever writing talent I might bear never blossomed until I first made sure it served the prophetic calling. So I logged the premonition of a bad week in my private journal because it wasn’t a burden to share; there was no need for it.

I was utterly certain America was doomed well before the turn of the millennium. My understanding of it — the whole mental context — has changed a great deal since then, but the prophetic conviction of that doom never wavered. It’s been more than 20 years; I wasn’t the only one saying it, but most of the people I knew then did not believe it. They were the fools who wrapped the American flag around the Cross. Only a few shared my conviction that America was not special, not some New Covenant Nation. Recently, the shape of this vision has become much clearer.

We were recently treated to the awareness that God had changed His mind on some things. I credit the faithfulness of you folks in embracing the heart-led way. To me, it was as if the Father felt it would serve His glory better to let us in on the secret. So, as a community of faith, we agreed that reality had shifted. America is still doomed, but the path of destruction would be different. The presence of a self-consciously heart-led body of believers opened the way to greater glories. This isn’t about me; I’m just the messenger. It’s all about you who responded to the call and God’s divine plans. We are permitted to see how His hand works, because there is work for us to do, as well. Do you know just how thrilled I am to be a part of what you folks are doing?

If America is doomed, then in one sense it makes no difference who won the election. In another sense, the difference is in how we pay attention to what God is doing. We can’t grasp where the threshold is, but He decided there were enough people paying attention that it would pay off somehow to show His hand. Instead of an apocalyptic nightmare, it’s going to be a different, lighter level chaos. It will be something with a distinct moral character to which we can witness and tell others, and it will shine His glory brighter. Our mission is to enhance the beauty of His revelation, by showing how His Law has not changed since He first posted the Flaming Sword at the Gate of Eden. The results of the election do not lessen America’s doom, but it offers a chance for us to be directly and consciously involved, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Trump is good news only in that narrow sense. He will still preside over the destruction of the US, but his peculiar ways will open the door for our witness. Clinton would have squelched our witness with a very harsh will. We still get a terrible president either way, and we still watch the chaos and suffering. Take it in stride; let it settle into your minds as the new normal. It’s not merely the destruction of America, but the end of Western Civilization as a whole. And it will give birth to something equally nasty, but quite different. Keep your eye on God’s glory as the ultimate purpose of it all.

So instead of turning inward and hiding in some modern virtual catacomb, we can remain out in the open, sharing His truth. You already know His ways for fallen mankind on the earth; it’s Biblical Law. Testify by living it openly. You’ll find your own way, but if you feel the need to ask, my advice is that you speak less and act more. Even to the point of seeming odd and inexplicable, hold your tongue until someone asks, or wait until you sense that driving of the Spirit to speak. You’ll know; your heart — your sense of conviction — will tell your mind.

Meanwhile, it’s a symptom of tribulation that people will turn to all kinds of false religion. Not just a trickle, but in droves they will rush to some safe castle, any port in the storm of God’s wrath. The Devil intends to drown out our witness, but if we are faithful, he will fail. That is, he will fail in the sense that God will still open blind eyes to see. We will stand out to those whose hearts are driving them nuts seeking the truth. Some early, some later, but there will be a harvest of souls. You won’t be alone very long.

Some of you will be called to step out onto the mission field with me. You will feel that driving sense that you can’t just continue on with the same old path. You will sense that there is something you simply must do that demands a major change in your daily life. Don’t hesitate to accept any divine opportunity to infiltrate the old and dying system, or the nascent new systems people are building to take its place. Wherever the door opens, don’t be afraid to infiltrate and exploit this grand opportunity to reestablish the ancient way of heart-led living.

This is our time; can you feel it?

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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