A Different Perception of Reality

Warning: This post includes political analysis.

The lefties had threatened to come out en masse on this past Saturday as the start of a general protest, eventually rising to such chaos and disorder so as to make the US ungovernable. The organizers published a list of 40+ cities where they hoped to draw significant crowds of protesters. It fizzled. In New York City, for example, the mass-produced signs and placards were piled high, untouched long after the event was done. So far as I can find, not a single one of these events drew so much as a thousand bodies.

There are not enough true believers; there never were. Everything we’ve seen so far was performed mostly with hired actors. The majority of those are now too busy with other things. Instead, the real money and energy is focused in Washington, DC. Aside from the spreading cancer of sexual abuse exposures bleeding over from Hollywood, there are genuine legal battles over other forms of corruption taking down major figures. Keep in mind that there are no clean hands in Washington; none of the various parties (far more than merely Republican versus Democrat) can be characterized as the good guys. It’s unlikely Trump will be driven from office, but if he is, it won’t be through the actions of Soros’ leftist minions.

There are some genuine revolutionaries, but they are working mostly behind the scenes, venting their frustration on the folks who try to maintain the appearance of being in control (and their plans). Too many true believers for too long have been denied the promised fruits of hard labor. Alliances are crumbling. The system itself is imploding; it is not business as usual. There is a great deal of genuine trouble behind the scenes and not reported in the mainstream press, nor even very much in the alternative press.

The same moral chaos is at work in foreign affairs. You can watch a genuine tectonic shift in Middle Eastern politics. The linked article is a good analysis of what’s going on, and it would have been nearly impossible to predict this situation a year ago. By the way, the author’s review of Israel’s actions does not take into account my assertion that Israel exists only to provoke and distract the world from the real issues.

That’s because of the Zionist doctrine that Israel simply cannot be treated like any other nation. She is privileged above all other nations and peoples on the earth. All of these provocations are aimed at driving home this claim, preventing anyone from ignoring it for even a second. Zionists will do anything, good or bad, to remain the center of the world’s attention. Even the current efforts to squelch the BDS Movement are more a matter of provoking anger and hatred than an expression of any real worry about financial losses for Israeli businesses. All Israeli commerce is just an expression of Zionist policy. You’ll notice that in the long run, the actual effects of all of this public posturing is merely keeping Israel in the news.

You should not imagine that The Cult is worried about these developments. Bear in mind that their agenda is neither left nor right, but all about control by any means. The human agents of The Cult might have imagined they were on the brink of realizing their dreams of global rule, but the underlying demonic intelligence knows better. The whole point is that, by any means at all, it is essential that believers are kept from claiming their divine heritage on this earth.

This is why we don’t set our hopes on any form of political solution to any of the world’s problems. There can never be a political solution under the Curse of the Fall. We can embrace that; once you get used to that idea, it’s easier to focus on the true goal of Christ’s glory. From where we stand, the whole point of revelation is to change our awareness of reality. The Fall was a case of deception about reality; redemption is restoring the truth to our awareness even as we face a world of deception.

The heart-led way makes some audacious claims against the common perceptions of humanity. We flatly reject and contradict what seems obvious to everyone else. For example, we view the looming chaos as a cyclical norm, a built-in feature of this world. It’s not merely a national level cycle here in the US, but a global cycle transition point in the collapse of an entire civilization. The looming chaos does not hinder our ultimate goal on this earth of reclaiming the promises of God through His Word. We simply adjust our tactics and keep moving forward.

On top of that, we have a prophetic promise to us. We few who now possess the key element of the heart-led consciousness have been granted a wide open field for planting the seeds of a true shift in human awareness. We can establish the means to restore the truth tossed aside in the Garden of Eden. It won’t be global, but it can surely be far bigger than just we few in this virtual parish. We have no vested interest in the outcomes of any of this political and military warfare. We get to see where it’s going, and we can play along with what God is doing, but we are not the target of any of this. God has granted us a footing far above this level of human strife, where we can stand and watch how it plays out. Because of the clarity of our moral vision, we can use these events based on where we know they are headed. We aren’t trapped in the confusion inherent in the position of humanity lacking the heart-led vision.

We can exploit what looks like chaos to everyone else; God has revealed to us what He’s doing. Further, He has revealed big plans for us if we are willing to participate.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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