Keep on Doing What Is Right

Is it just me?

A part of my prophetic gift is sensing the moral currents of both Heaven and this world. Right now the US is under a heavy spirit of exhaustion and apathy. It’s not just the fizzled protest of Antifa this last weekend, but a general weariness and numbness. To me, it seems like a calm before the storm. The energy is spent and we need to brace ourselves for a time of fear, even panic.

There’s not much we can do about this. The best way to prosper in the heart-led way is to keep a barrier between yourself and the ambient moral climate. There is a difference between our passionate disengagement versus their general despair.

If the marvelous plans of someone like Trump were more consistent and successful, it would polarize folks and breathe energy into the situation. But the political scene is fragmented and no one is winning much. Indeed, the recent election victories for the Democrats was more the result of frustrated opposition than any real excitement either way, and the margins of victory were quite small. On the one hand, this is just another part of political strategy and voter manipulation, because there are some Democrats who understand that general apathy against their desperate scramble to recover power works in their favor. The electorate in general is not on their side, so keeping them away from the polls is a good thing.

But in a much larger sense, the Devil has a good use for wearing out everyone on everything. To the degree his domain prospers, it is through deception and keeping folks away from their divine heritage. It’s not the suffering itself but the confusion about where it comes from, why it is so pervasive. Keep in mind that Satan is God’s punisher, His hand of wrath. To the degree you stray from His revelation, you are under Satan’s dominion. Hell has been ordered to mobilize on America; the time has come.

So the Democratic strategists will get the apathy they desire, but they are clueless what it means in prophetic terms. This weariness cries out for relief, but relief is not coming. Instead, people will seek and be wrapped up in a multitude of personal distractions. They will neglect the larger picture and not see the next wave of disaster bearing down on them. This is a good time for a bunch of secret plots to prosper, and together they will result in some very rough times.

I’m not in the position to tell you what the timing will be, but this period of weariness and distraction is begging for something like the standard holiday celebrations now upon us. But somewhere beyond the sparkle of those festivities, or perhaps right in the middle of them, disaster must come. I still believe it will be some kind of economic shock, but I can’t guess the particular source. It will likely be a combination of things, since just about every conscious measure of economic health points to death. God is in control and He’s not telling us much about the details.

Personally, I’m amazed it has taken this long.

For us, this will be a time of miracles. As long as you are disentangled from the world’s anxieties, and you focus on your own calling and mission, there is every reason to anticipate some real surprises. God is working to position us for His glory. Some are already there, while others (like me) will get the marching orders from God later. But for all of us there will be signs and wonders all over the place, things you dared not dream our Lord would grant.

Don’t be lulled into weariness, but keep on doing what is right (Galatians 6:9).

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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