Transparency and Fruit

The fruit is not yet ripe for America’s crisis.

I’m reaching for transparency. Bluntly: You deserve a chance to discount my narrative if it doesn’t apply to you. Your heart rules best when your mind is clear, so I want you to see what’s in the background of my claims to prophesy. The mind does have a role in grasping and discerning, but it requires the heart’s moral guidance. It shouldn’t be mysterious, since the mind can learn to operate with a different frame of reference. Mysticism isn’t spooky nonsense; it’s an orientation based on conscious assumptions. What makes it hard is how much crap our culture puts in our heads about all of this. Transparency helps you unlearn all of that.

Our strategy is not like their strategy. Ours assumes a vision of moral reality that trumps apparent reality. I’ve tried to build a vision of Two Realms, the Spirit Realm and the Fallen Realm. The difference is not easily described; we rely on figurative language — AKA, parables or parabolic language and symbolism. There is a boundary layer where the Spirit and the Fallen Realms overlap, and I refer to this as the moral realm. I avoid making it a label with proper nouns because I want to emphasize that it’s not a thing by itself, but a matter of our perception. The heart can see this overlapping realm in the sense that this is as close as we can get to the Spirit Realm while in our fallen state. Our strategy is all about that boundary layer, so it has to be a different kind of thing altogether compared to common human strategic thinking.

In other words, this moral realm is a matter of faith, not intellectual certainty. Faith brings a certainty that is far more powerful than mere knowledge and reason. Human intellect misses a lot of things that matter when left to its own devices. There is no anchoring point without faith; the intellect is badly damaged and self-deceived. The mind alone will simply work out the demands of human lusts and pretend it all makes perfect logical sense. In this sense, the human lusts include a lot of bogus fears rooted in a social conscience, which in turn is based on some flavor of ambient cultural mythology. Faith arises from awakening your awareness to the heart as a mind above the intellect.

In effect, these terms are overlapping: faith, conviction, and the heart-mind. The only question is where your faith is anchored. The heart-led way is sometimes best explained as a psychology, a set of assumptions about how things work in the human soul.

So when I blather about prophetic things, it’s largely rooted in that broad understanding of convictions about what the moral realm demands of me. That’s a moving target, since I’m still shedding false perceptions, unlearning bad lessons of my fallen culture. Calling it prophetic is simply a way of telling you that I feel a burden of duty to share because of a powerful sense of calling as shepherd. Don’t rely on what I write; learn how I got that stuff so you can rely on your own heart. In a manner of speaking, it’s less a question of my results, and more about my methods.

I’m sure we agree that America is under God’s wrath. If you don’t see that, I suspect you simply don’t understand divine revelation. In blunt terms, America has never obeyed God’s Law; we’ve never been a party to any covenant. America is the ultimate expression of the Enlightenment, the pinnacle of Western Civilization. That civilization in turn is the amalgam of Germanic tribal culture and the shredded remains of Greco-Roman Civilization. And none of that bears any resemblance to a genuinely biblical outlook. So if we take seriously the God of the Bible, it’s painfully obvious He cannot be happy about how America turned out, because it started off quite far from His revelation, and kept getting farther and farther away. All the blather from a highly perverted Enlightenment Christian religion has no bearing on the matter.

Biblical Law is well enough explained to offer indicators of how God’s wrath works. Human nature has not changed, though we are warned it will continue getting worse — it’s the same flavor of bad that it has always been. On top of this, God allows us to take our vast lore of human learning and put it through the grinder of the heart to come up with a fairly accurate assessment of some portion of how all of this works. If we can understand what lies humans tell about themselves, we can understand the core moral failures. From that, we can reliably predict how God will seek to reveal Himself against those failures.

The heart and brain can work in communion to provide sufficient guidance for our mind’s real task in life: It organizes and implements a proper response to revelation. The heart compares current human trends against God’s personality as declared reality’s design. The mind works out what that demands of us. All the while, we keep referring back to our own individual calling. As a matter of conviction, we all know America is doomed. Further, it’s painfully obvious that doom is falling right now. The only question is making our best sense of things to develop a strategy for the same faithful existence we would carry on regardless of circumstances. What does it mean to be faithful to your calling in the current context?

Part of my own answer includes sharing my analysis. The foundation of all prophecy is trying to persuade you to harmonize with God’s nature and personality in the current context. It’s not a question of gathering an audience; it’s a question of obeying the calling to exercise my gifts and allowing God to pull in the audience He sees fit.

As near as I can tell, this wrath is coming in stages, or layers, if you will. Right now we are in a political crisis. An economic crisis is lurking in the background, but these things are all woven together. Seeing how it all grows and bears fruit is part of my calling, as best I understand it. When the fruit is ripe, the Lord will harvest and start stomping the grapes. The details are sketchy right now, but I’m convinced America will be changed. My mental grasp of this indicates the US will be broken into smaller regional federations. On the way, America will pass through some hard economic times.

I believe I see a series of political and cultural shocks, a continuation of the current trend. Somewhere over the horizon, but still rather close, is at least one major economic crisis. It gets fuzzy at this point, but I suspect this economic crunch will result in the break-up of the US, due to irreconcilable differences over how to fix the problems. I can’t predict the level of violence that comes with that, but I don’t see how at least some bloodshed can be avoided. The scary part here is how a major portion of our population is so very blind, so completely unprepared to accept what’s coming. The sense of panic alone will be devastating. And somewhere in the midst of all this will be at least one major military disaster, and a mixture of natural disasters (we’ve already had some with the hurricanes).

We should get through the current winter holiday season before things get started. It’s going to seem slow. Whether you tend to dread it or are looking forward to the entertainment, don’t get too excited. Instead, we should simply note what’s coming and pray about ways to make the most of it. There is a strategy available to us, but we have to recognize that our goal is His glory, which shines brightest through our obedience to Biblical Law and harvesting the blessings. The issue is in those blessings, and how they manifest against the general decline. And the greatest blessing of all is your sense of shalom. So start working toward seeing these radical changes as normal, inevitable and acceptable, and see our adaptation to it as the primary battle. The dragons we slay will be in the panic.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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