Visualize Glory

Tactics are one thing; aside from broad generalities, it’s hard to teach tactics that will work for you in your personal context. Don’t copy my tactics. Understand how those tactics fit into our shared mission. Strategy is another thing; it’s the thing we can share. It’s all about the end results, whereas tactics are means and method.

Strategy starts with the realization that our human minds cannot possibly comprehend what’s actually going on in the Spirit Realm (AKA ultimate reality). The whole point of revelation is not to describe, but to indicate. This conditions our minds to accept the leadership of the heart, because it is the heart-mind that truly understands. Satan is no threat to God; he serves a calling that we will never understand. It is we who are threatened by the Devil’s work. The part we are supposed to get is that his whole mission is contradicting revelation to steal from us all the blessings God gave us back in the Garden of Eden. Having accomplished that, he wants to make sure we never return to Eden. He doesn’t want you to walk through that Flaming Sword at the entrance to Eden.

The only hints we get from the Bible regarding the Devil’s motives have to do with a complete failure of humility, presuming to divert the glory due our Creator, and taking it for himself. He was removed from that privileged position as the Covering Cherub and now he is restricted to simply stealing our blessings. God is in no wise threatened by this, but we are.

So you would expect the Devil to come up with all kinds of lies and deceptions that keep us from finding that Flaming Sword and the path back to Eden — the heritage God designed us for, and us for it. One of the main tactics is to keep us from grasping the nature of mysticism, and how parables work to condition the mind to obey the heart. People led by the heart understand parables quite well as indicators on the path to Eden. The heart understands that Eden is not a literal place, and that Scripture was never meant to be subjected to human reason, but as a conditioner to make the mind receptive to divine truth flooding into the heart from Creation itself. As integrated elements in Creation, we humans are made to understand God instinctively, but our darkened minds interfere.

This article gives hints to the way it works. Granted, the intent of that article is political, but it serves as a fine parable. It helps us understand how the Devil uses cultural conditioning to keep us in the dark. Just as Rome once used its decadence as the lure to accept Roman cultural conditioning, Satan has used Western materialism to so completely degrade the natural link between heart and mind that no one listens to the heart. All it takes is provoking the Three Lusts behind the scenes so that the intellect believes it is really in charge.

But it’s not enough to simply escape this sweet and poisonous bondage. A critical element in finding and obeying revelation from the heart is the implementation of Biblical Law. Our obedience trumps the Devil’s power; he is under the Law with us. The Bible uses the language of Satan cast down to the earth as an image of confinement to the same prison of the Fall that holds us. Once we understand that it’s a prison, we can understand the Devil’s limits and weaknesses. It’s a simple matter of not paying attention to him.

His primary tactic is to say anything except what revelation says. He will vary his tactics to appeal to each individual, and so his lies will offer the vast array of what you see humans pursuing all over the world. All it takes is a good firm grasp on what revelation says and you can pick out countless counterfeits. We defeat him by seizing back the heritage of faith, by embracing that Flaming Sword of revelation and passing back into Eden.

By doing so, we cannot avoid displaying our freedom as a jolting disconnect from where the rest of the world is living. It’s not magic; it’s the power of God that our obedience creates a moral dominion in the physical world around us. Our mere physical presence will weaken Satan’s grip on things. Our habits of living by revelation unravels his work. But don’t be fooled; it’s not a question of just wandering all over the place. The fullest power of this effect depends on your natural obedience in putting yourself where God wants you. What matters is that you are aware of how this power works best in your assigned mission abode. Creation is already there waiting for you to show up so it can pour out full support.

Your awareness is a key element; this is why the natural world sings and chatters to your heart when you wander where God directs (Romans 8:19). This is an indicator that you are on the right track.

Tweak the details as much as you need, but this is the glorious image painted in the pages of the Bible.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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